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Ferdinand Magellan timeline of his voyage around the world?

I need a short timeline of important things on Magellans voyage around the world ^^

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    (google is your friend)

    * 1480: Born in Villa Real, Portugal during Spring

    * 1490: Both parents die

    * 1495: Entered service of Manuel

    * 1504: Signed up to volunteer for an Indian voyage

    * 1505: First expedition at age 25 to India

    * 1509: Wounded at Battle of Dui

    * 1512: Returned to Portugal

    * 1514: Renounced nationality

    * 1517: Went to Spain



    # October 20: Arrived in Seville

    * 1518: Signed agreement with King Charles I

    * 1519: With King Charles I's support, sets off in journey to Spice Islands



    # August 10: Five ships under Magellan's command set sail from Seville, travel Guadalquivir River

    # September 20: Set sail from Sanlucar de Barrameda

    # September 29: Reached Tenerife

    # November 27: Crossed the equator

    # December 6: South America sighted

    # December 13: Anchor in what is now Rio de Janeiro and stay till Christmas

    # December 26: Left Rio de Janeiro

    * 1520: Spice Island voyage continues



    # January 10: Reached Rio de la Plata

    # February 2: Left river of Saint Christopher

    # March 30: Puerto San Julian established

    # April 2: Conflict arose between ship captains

    # August 24: Four ships left port of Saint Julian (smallest ship lost previously)

    # October 18: Sailed from river of Santa Cruz

    # October 21: Arrived at Cape Virgenes and discovered Straight of Magellan

    # November 1: Fleet traveled through Straight of Magellan

    # November 20: San Antonio returned to Spain

    # November 26: Left Straight of Magellan

    # November 28: Remaining ships arrive in South Pacific

    # Magellan names Pacific Ocean

    # Magellan first European to get to Tierra del Fuego

    * 1521: Continues journey to Spice Islands



    # February 13: Reach equator

    # March 6: Reach Mariana Islands and Guam

    # March 16: Magellan first European to reach Philippines

    # April 7: Left Homonhon and went to Cebu

    # April 17: Sailed with army to Mactan

    # April 27: Killed in Battle of Mactan

    # November 8: Ships reached Maluko Islands without Magellan

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    Ferdinand Magellan timeline of his voyage around the world?

    I need a short timeline of important things on Magellans voyage around the world ^^

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