If doctors don't support the public option, why did the New England Journal of Medicine say otherwise?

See: content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/NEJMp0908239v1

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    The doctors and hospitals DO support it!

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    Your link is busted. If you're referring to the poll I think you're referring to, it says a small group of doctors polled prefer having both a public option and a private one. However, private options alone get more support than having only a public option. So, what doctors really want is a little elusive here. The poll also doesn't say why they think this. It's also not the Journal saying this, but an article published in it. They have posted conflicting polls in the past.

    For example, check out the poll I linked below, which says:

    82% said their practices would be “unsustainable” if proposed cuts to Medicare reimbursement are made

    65% said Medicaid reimbursement is less than their cost of providing care

    36% said Medicare reimbursement is less than their cost of providing care


    42% said that, given the alternatives, they are ready to accept a single-payer, Canadian style system.

    This is less than 50%, and it doesn't explain what "given the alternatives" means.

    Polls often give conflicting results.

  • Draco
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    1 decade ago

    This reminds me of the consistent in-fighting, on the question of Global Warming.

    Pro and Anti always seem to find some "authoritative" person or body to support their views.

    Nothing different here. I saw a TV ad, saying the AARP supported this Bill. Next day, an article told of how AARP LOST some 70,000 members, who resented being included in something they DID'nt approve.

    Guess you can't believe ANYBODY about anything anymore.

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    The NEJM has a political agenda and their 'peer review' process is ignored in order to publish articles that supports their agenda.

    Wehn I was in Iraq the published an article on civilian casulaties in Iraq and it was immedeatly apparent (from the list of cities polled) that their researchers only surveyed cities where battles had occurred and ignored all the cities where there had been little or no fighting.

    It turned out they they never sent the article out for peer review before the published it (two weeks before an election).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most doctors DO NOT support it. I had a physical yesterday and talked to my doctor and he told me many many many doctors do not favor it. They are against it.

    I would believe a doctor over any stupid article, democrat, poll, or liberal rag anyday!

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