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Manny Pacquiao vs. Salvador Sanchez @ 126. Who wins?

Who wins this fight? Pacquiao? Or Sanchez?


Khalil, do you even know who Salvador Sanchez was? Have you even even seen him fight? This is what I am talking about. People who don't know anything about boxing other than their favorite fighters talking out their backside.

Update 2:


Thanks for your input Nick da Quick, for your non-answer. As usual, you are rated down for your extreme bias. I wasn't living in the past, I was simply asking a question as to who would win between these two.

Also, Nick, you're the last person to be accusing others of asking questions that favor their feelings. This is an unbiased question, nothing more, nothing less. :)

Update 3:

Also, I don't hate. Please try again.

Update 4:

See, Nick, that's just the thing: Never did I once pick a side here. I am doing what one is supposed to be doing in this section, which is to asked unbiased questions. Remember, this is boxing, literally anything can happen. You only see it as "hating" (lol) because you choose to.

Update 5:

Again Nick, I'm not taking any sides here, keep your bait; it's not working.

Remember this is boxing, anything can happen. Unbiased question here, no hating involved. :)

Update 6:

Also, you seem to confuse facts with opinions.

Update 7:

I never picked anything, I don't know what you are referring to. But keep it up, it's hilarious.

Sorry Nick, haven't chose my answer yet, and probably won't for a while.

Update 8:

So you automatically assume that I pick fighters based on their race? That's racist of you, in case you don't know. My favorite fighter of all time is Roberto Duran, a Panamanian. Heck, my favorite active fighter today is Hasegawa Hozumi, a Japanese. It isn't about race with me, it's about talent. Too bad you can't understand that.

Update 9:

Race doesn't play a part in this with ME. It does with you, however, and it's very sad.

Race is not an indicator of talent. Great fighters come in all creeds and colors. Too bad you can't understand that.

Update 10:

Sorry Nick, you haven't exposed anybody but yourself as being incredibly biased and narrow-minded. Also, I'm 29, not an OLD fogey like you think I am LOL.

Update 11:

I don't assume, I know you don't understand. There's a difference. You can't seem to comprehend that there's people out there who will like a fighter that is not of their ethnic background, and you can't handle the fact that I don't see people by race. A fighter could be from Pluto, if he's great, I'll cheer him on.

Update 12:

Sorry Nick, when your points are "Pacquiao beats Sanchez because... your Mexican" then I can't help but scoff at it. You haven't made any points whatsoever, you just want to hate me because I'm not crazy about Pac like you are.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yer killin me Jose. LOL,

    But as an objective observer, I have to pick one. It's not easy because both Pacquiao and Sanchez are two of my all-time favorite fighters. I'd hate to see a loser.

    Pacquiao is a different fighter at 135 and above, than he was below 135. Had he lived, Sanchez might well have evolved into a different fighter too, though it would be for the better. He would have carried 135 with no problem and I still believe, to this day, that he was on the road to winning the lightweight title from Alexis Arguello.

    Before Freddie Roach fine tuned Manny's tools, he was a fast handed, high energy fighter but his punches were a bit wide. They still are but not so much as before. The new Manny would be a lot of trouble for Sanchez and we don't know if he still has the same vulnerabilities at 140 because he seems to have improved and not come close to defeat since his last fight with JM Marquez.

    Pacquiao would take the first 4-5 rounds with his busier style and work rate. Sanchez can certainly take his punch. Pacquiao at least equals Gomez in power. Though Manny would win the early rounds, it wouldn't be without some advancement and adjustments from Sanchez, who has a bit of trouble with Paquiao's southpaw style.

    Sanchez can't match Pacquiao's speed but he's no turtle either. He throws a lot of punches just as Paquiao does. He would settle into a rythim after the early rounds. Sanchez takes rounds 6-8 with straighter punches and using his jab to time Paquiao's rush. As they dig in, in the middle rounds, Sanchez finds Paquiao's chin with a series of pin-point rights to the chin and uppercuts. What's keeping Paquiao up is something most fighters simply don't have.

    Manny wins round 9 with an punch count above the 100 mark. Sanchez engages him and dishes out just as much damage but with slightly fewer punches. It's easily "Round of the Year". Paquiao looks puzzled returning to his corner but he's still calm. Sanchez remains expressionless.

    Salvador takes rounds 10 and 11, closely. Paquiao takes rounds 12-13 but the same slim margin, just edging it with his superior work rate. The fight's near even on the cards with Paquiao leading on two cards and the third even.

    In round 14, they meet at ring center and engage in war once again. Paquiao is still throwing more punches but Sanchez' are more accurate. A perfect uppercut lifts Manny's head and a straight right puts him on the canvas. It doesn't look like he will rise but he, somehow, peels himself off the canvas. You could see it coming over the last few rounds as his attack has been busier but a bit unraveled.

    Paquiao finishes the round strong but it's a big round for Sanchez.

    Going into the last round, the fight is close and, again, they wage war at ring center. A series of straight lefts, uppercuts and hooks rattle Sanchez but he comes right back with a series of his own that rocks Pacquiao on his heels. Manny keeps coming. Sanchez lands a series of left hooks, right, left hook again. The bell sounds and it's a close one.

    Sanchez by majority decision: even on one card and ahead by a point on the other two.

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  • 4 years ago

    Pacquiao was a monster at 126 a young hungry and vicious little warrior he nearly killed Marco Antonio Barrera in there first fight 24 years old explosive full of energy crazy speed and power I've seen Salvador Sanchez fights and highlights and fights with Gomez pacquiao would be to over whelming for Sanchez

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  • 1 decade ago

    At 126, Pacquaio was a bit inexperienced. I would have to go for Ricardo Lopez by unanimous decision. But I am certain they will have a rematch and Pacquiao will KO Lopez in the 9th Round. Pacquaio will figur ehim out, reminds me a lot of the Erik Morales trilogy.

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  • John B
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    lol at Bob M.

    Pacquiao is a strong fighter, but he leaves himself open with those tremendous wide shots. Chava, known for one of few Mexicans to be defense oriented instead of all out boxing, would little by little tear apart Manny. I can see Sanchez KO'ing Manny 9th or 10th round.

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  • 1 decade ago

    whoever thinks pacman would win is the funny **** ever sanchez would whoop him easly marquez actually beat him twice and sanchez boxed all the top guys in there prime unlike pacquioa fought barrera and morales pass their prime juan laporte said he the toughest fighter he ever faced that even includes julio ceasar chavez sr and azumah nelson said that too and rem he fought pernel whitaker and roy jones even said one of the greatest boxers of all time is ray robinson.salvador sanchez

    • Barrera was 27 years old and just came off of huge wins from Morales and naseem hamed pacquiao came in ring and nearly killed him Marquez was young when he fought pacquiao in there first fight as well

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  • 1 decade ago

    sanchez beat azumah nelson, wilfredo gomez, and little red lopez, and he would beat pacquiao too.

    however, it would be a tough fight, especially as sanchez was known as a slow starter. so in a 15 rounder, salvador wins by late round stoppage or close unanimous decision.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Stop living in the past. I know it makes you happy knowing that a fighter from ages ago can beat Manny but your not gonna see it. Even if you get the answer you want, nobody knows who is gonna win unless you invent a time-machine.

    Give it up hater, you only ask question that favor your feelings its so pathetic.


    Your question unbiased? LOL, you can't deny that the only answer you want is that Sanchez would win, though nobody really know what would happen if they both step in the ring. Instead of wondering what would happen, go start inventing a time-machine or something.


    Hey hater, you want my answer to this question? Prime Manny Pacquiao @ 126 would obliterate your beloved Mexican boxer Salvador Sanchez. Oh wait, your gonna say haha you dont even know Salvador Sanchez? LmaO Yes I Do, He's Dead and he's one of Mexico's best featherweights produced. Why do I think Pacquiao would win? Look at it this way, if you think Pacquiao @140 has blinding speed, how do you think he would do @ 126, did you even know that Sanchez has his hands down a lot? Oh and PS, Speed Kills.


    You already dodged too many questions that you can't answer here and on YM!, don't think I forgot how lost you were on our last conversation on YM! lol, you haven't answered most of my questions. I just answered yours here. Pacquiao would win brutally, why? Sanchez has his hands down, all he has is power to pin down his opponent to the ropes, which would not work against Pacquiao due to his brilliant footwork.


    This question is an opinion also, don't think just because you pick a guy who said Sanchez is gonna win means its a fact. As I said, go make a time-machine or something. Also, I don't think its an opinion that Sanchez has his hands down a lot and that he pins down his opponents against the ropes, go watch him fight, that might put that fact into your brain.


    No matter how hard you try to act, its not gonna work Jose M. How much do you want to bet that you are gonna pick an answer who favors your beloved Mexican boxer Sanchez? Lmao, don't take me for a fool, I know how you really are. You can act in front of the people but you aint foolin me Jose.


    Speaking of hilarious, do you know what's hilarious? An old Mexican man like you doing here at YA! trying everything he can to get every single detail against Manny Pacquiao. It's not just hilarious actually, its pathetic. I've seen how you react to someone favoring you, its so low. No offense Jose, but for you to take the effort and time just to prove something that would never happen or has happened in the past is just way too low for your age at least.


    LoL, don't think that race doesn't play a part on this. You don't take all this time and effort to search for every little Pacquiao flow for nothing. Jose M, you really are not fooling me anymore, I've exposed how you really are. Don't think that it doesn't get in your head when Pacquiao was called "The Mexicutioner" or "Mexican Killer" or whatever, there is a reason why you do what you do Jose.


    You assume that I don't understand, but like I said, I've seen how you react and how you behave on questions that you can't answer. It's like a tough pill to swallow for you.


    My point still stands. You just dodged a lot of my points again as usual. You seem to confuse being supportive to being bias. I am supporting my fighter, besides, who even said that I think Pacquiao is the best Filipino fighter ever? Francisco Guilledo is the best Filipino fighter ever. Manny Pacquiao is just the best of this era and is extremely discredited by people like you. Get it straight old man, you can keep trying but like I said, it aint working anymore.


    My point still stands Jose M, don't deny the fact that Sanchez has his hands down a lot, and you know what happened to a fighter who has his hands down right? Just ask Ricky Hatton.

    Source(s): Me.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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  • Bob M
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Sanchez by murder.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pacquiao wins, easy.

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