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whitening your teeth with dentist tray and gel?

i was wondering is it safe to do this? whitening your teeth with dentists trays and gels, and what are some side effects that can accure after using this? has anyone had a bad experience? and i was wondering since i dont want to pay $400 for mold of my mouth, can i use any old cheap mold that isnt the same mold as my teeth? if not, why not? the gels only cost 5$ per gel so i figured i could save alot of money to just get the whitening gel and use my old mold

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    The dentist takes models so that the trays fit well. If the trays don't fit, the whitening may not work as well. $400.00 sounds like a lot to me. In my office I charge $99.00 for the whitening. Whitening has been around for 20 years now and it is very safe. Sometimes your teeth may be sensitive to cold for a short time when you are doing it. But there isn't any permanent damage done to the teeth.

    Source(s): I'm a dentist.
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