hydro electric key meter help please!!?

ive just moved into a flat that has a electric key meter that u take to hydo and charge up,

im confused on wether ive done something wrong with it or not

i cam home today and it said i had 17p of emergency credit left and all the shops were closed so i put the key in and now it says i have 20.00 emergency credit but when i press the blue button (the instruction book says to press the blue button once to find out how much u need to charge up your key with to get onto normal credit) it only says 1.00.

does this mean i have 20.00 emergency electric left and to be on normal electric credit i need to go to hyrdo tomorrow and charge up my key with more than 20.00 to be out of emergency credit debt and onto normal credit?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Look in ur phone book for the company name and get the phone number..explain the problem to them.

    You are paying their bills, they have to help u. Its the week now.

  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Call the electric company and ask them when they received your last payment. Then if no payments had been made to your account explain that you sent a payment with your ex.and then tell them that it looks like they need to check your meter because it doesn't look right. They will work out payment arrangements with you.

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