DeBeers Diamond Lawsuit?

Does anyone have any updates on the DeBeers Diamond Lawsuit? Last I heard it was in the appeals process but cannot get any updates by phone or on the class action lawsuit website. the website appears to not have been updated since May of 2008. The phone line has not either. It seems the only way to find out anything is to mail a letter to them and i question if i will even get a response.

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    The last "update" to the website was on June 3rd but it still has the same information. The little bit of information I found by searching the internet was that the original Plantiffs are the ones who have filed an appeal to the settlement, not Debeers. The U.S. Court of Appeals -Third District has stated they hope to issue a ruling by the end of this year. If they deny the appeal, we could start receiving checks early next year. I'm not holding my breath. I hope this helps!!

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    Here is what I was able to find from June of this year:

    "The Fairness Hearing was held on April 14, 2008. Judge Chesler issued an order approving the Settlement on May 27, 2008. These documents are posted on the "Other Settlement Documents" page which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link on the left. Appeals have since been filed contesting final approval of the Settlement, and these appeals will postpone resolving claim calculations. No payments will be made on eligible claims until all appeals are resolved. It is uncertain how long these appeals will take to resolve, and the timing of resolving the appeals is not within our control. It is not uncommon for appeals to take several months or even years to resolve."

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    this one? it's settled, awaiting finishing out the appeals process.

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