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1. Choose the correct translation: él toma

A. you drink

B. he drinks

2. Choose the correct translation: the (female) professor

A. la profesora

B. el profesor

C. una profesora

D. un profesor

3. You conjugate a verb by dropping the ending of the infinitive (-ar, -er,-ir) and adding the correct ending which goes with the subject pronoun.

true or false

4. Choose the correct translation: some students (male and female)

A. unas estudianted

B. el estudiante

C. los estudiantes

D. unos estudiantes

5. El estudiante refers to a female student.

true or false

6. ¿Cuál es la palabra masculina?

A. la gratitud

B. la mano

C. la palabra

D. el tema

7. el libro

A. is a masculine word

B. is a feminine word

8. Choose the best translation: Is there one chair or two?

A. ¿Hay una pluma o dos?

B. ¿Hay una silla o tres?

C. ¿Hay una silla o dos?

D. ¿Hay una ventana o dos?

9. Which pronoun would you use to talk to your teacher?

A. ustedes

B. usted

10. When referring to a specific noun, use the indefinite article.

true or false

11. Choose the correct ending. We speak = nosostros habl_____.

A. amos

B. emos

C. imos

12. Choose the correct translation: They (all females)

A. ellos

B. vosotras

C. nosotras

D. ellas

13. Choose the correct translation: you (familiar)

A. yo

B. ella

C. usted

D. tú

14. Choose the best answer to this question: ¿Hay dos presidentes de los Estados Unidos?

A. No. No hay dos. Hay uno.

B. Sí. Sí hay.

15. Diez plumas menos una pluma son ______.

A. siete

B. ocho

C. nueve

D. dos

16. Ustedes is the plural you which is formal.

true or false

17. Choose the correct translation: eight pencils

A. un lápiz

B. diez aviones

C. cuatro chicas

D. ocho lápices

18. The subject pronouns USTED and USTEDES are always formal.

true or false

19. A feminine noun usually ends in ___.

A. O

B. A

20. Many masculine nouns end in ___.

A. 0

B. A

21. Choose the correct translation: Hay cinco chicas en mi clase.

A. There are five girls in my class.

B. Five girls are in my class.

C. There are three girls in my class.

D. Three girls are in my class.

E. Three girls are in my class.

22. Choose the correct verb form: you-all (familiar) talk

A. vosotros/as habláis

B. ustedes hablan

C. usted habla

D. tú hablas

23. three televisions

A. cinco televisiones

B. tres televisiones

24. Choose the correct ending. You eat (formal) = Usted com__.

A. e

B. a

25. Choose the correct translation: YO TOMO

A. you drink

B. I drink

26. Choose the best translation: ¿Hay peces en el mar?

A. No. No hay.

B. Sí. Sí hay.

27. Choose the correct translation: you (formal) speak singular

A. usted habla

B. vosotros habláis

C. ustedes hablan

D. tú hablas

28. Choose the correct answer: Tres perros mas dos perros son____.

A. dos

B. cinco

C. tres

D. cuatro

29. Choose the correct translation: ellos/ellas abren

A. he/she opens

B. they open

30. Choose the correct translation: USTEDES CREEN

A. we believe

B. you-all believe

31. A group of students containing only males would use the Spanish word nosotros for we.

true or false

32. Un means both a and one, when used before a masculine noun.

true or false

33. Choose the correct ending: ellos habl__

A. an

B. en

34. Tú is the formal word for you in Spanish.

true or false

35. Choose the correct ending: tú com___

A. es

B. as

36. Choose the best translation. Hay un hotel en el centro.


B. The hospital is downtown

C. There is a hospital downtown

D. There is a hotel downtown

E. The hotel is downtown

37. Choose the correct translation: they (males and females)

A. ustedes

B. vosotros

C. nosotros

D. ellos

38. Choose the correct translation: you (formal)

A. usted

B. ustedes

C. nosotros

D. vosotros

39. Choose the correct ending: ella viv__

A. a

B. e

40. If a noun ends in -O, make it plural by adding -S.

true or false

41. All Spanish verbs end in -ar, -er or -ir.

true or false

42. Which pronoun do you use to talk to a young child?

A. tú

B. usted

43. El mapa, el sistema, and el poema are all masculine nouns.

true or false

44. Choose the correct plural:

A. los mapas

B. el mapa

45. Choose the correct translation: we (a group of males and females)

A. vosotros

B. vosotros

C. nosotros

D. nosotras

46. Choose the correct ending: yo viv__

A. a

B. o

C. e

47. Choose the correct translation: you (formal)speak

A. ella habla

B. yo hablo

C. ellos hablan

D. usted habla

48. Spanish has a formal and an informal form of the word you.

true or false

49. Choose the correct translation: a (male) cat

A. los gatos

B. un gato

C. el gato

D. la gata

50. If a group of students contains only females, the word "nosotras" is used.

true or false

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    b a t d f d a c b t a d d a c f d f b a a b b a b b a b b b t a b a d d a b t t a t a c b d t b t

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