How do I get my CD-ROM drive letters to stop changing?

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3 and in Disk Mgmt. I assign my CD-ROMs to Y: and Z:

After I reboot, they go back to the next available drive letters!

Your answers are greatly appreciated. Thanks! ;-D

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    D, E, Y, Z. Does it really matter?

    Just make sure you follow the directions at exactly. It should not revert upon reboot. If it does, you probably have ZoneAlarm, which is notorious for causing this problem. The solution is to uninstall it, but you could *try* updating it and maybe maybe it will help. If you're no longer using ZoneAlarm, good alternatives are AVG (has free antivirus too) and Kaspersky.

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    frequently an common reboot will clinical care the precedence. it relatively is accessible that a cable is unfastened, yet unlikely. If the CD rigidity opens and closes you already know the flexibility cable is intense-high quality (they do no longer seem to be common to do away with as properly). valuable, learn the IDE cable - the two ends yet don;t be shocked if it additionally isn't unfastened.

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