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Is this a bad thing I am doing? Am I normal?

All throughout my life, I have been single and always rejected by girls. Never really had any friends either. Getting picked on alot. I was never allowed to hang up posters of women I liked on my wall while everyone else is. It's as if my parents were trying to get me to avoid it as much as possible. With all this going on, starting at age 16, I began putting pictures of Victoria's Secret models in their lingerie up on the computer screen. Now at first, I would use Victoria's Secret pics of them fully clothed like in jeans and t-shirt. As time went on, I kinda disrobed the girls down to their underwear. Doing this made me feel safe during my everyday struggles. You may say that I should create my own account on the computer, but my mom who owns the computer, for some reason bugs out about the concept, so the single account is used. I put the pics up on the computer wallpaper and leave them there. Like I said, my mom owns the machine but I use it most of the time. About 70% when I was 16 to 17. I still use it only a little less now due to work schedule. Like 25% of the time. I never have been yelled at for having them up there nor ever been spoken to about them. I would NEVER EVER PUT nude pics of girls. I know where the line is drawn. So don't worry about that. I figure with Victoria's Secret, I can't go wrong. Am I a bad person for doing this sort of thing? This is a legitimate question so please no insults. I come from a white family also where does not believe in interacial dating. I love women of all races and ethnicities. When I started this, I used pics of Hiedi Klum, Stephanie Seymour, Karen Mulder(thos are older vs models), (current ones), Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen, ect. I'm in love with Adriana Lima who is latina. Lately, Ive been using her pics. I wanted to test the waters out. here are examples of pics I have used to the one thats currently being used along with ones I'm thinking of using in the future.

the first pics I used;

then I moved to this one where she is wearing less;

(cute pic)

to straight up lingerie;

(this one I am currently using)

(and am thinking of using this one next week)

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    I think it's kind of disrespectful to put that openly on your parents computer. i also think a better use of your time would be investing in relationships with real girls. you may need counseling to deal with any issues preventing you from having healthy relationships with real girls.

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    Ok the part about you not having any Friends is not good, I know the type of household you are from, I suspect your mother is the problem here really because she is trying to keep you as a boy. I have seen it before and have no idea why they do that.

    If you have a job there is no reason you shouldn't have your wheels and your own computer.and maybe even your independence.

    Your a young man and its in your nature to want to see women naked, Every heterosexual man does or he would not be heterosexual.

    For Gods snu dieuy a nudie mag and hide it already.

    Now going back to you not having anthat'sends, thats bad, that is very very bad because you got no one to tell you when your thinking a little sidewayain'td that aint healthy brother. For you or the shopping mall full of People your gonna end up gunning down in 10 to 15 years

    Luckily there is help, it works and its cheap.

    How to win friends and influence peopCarnegiele Carnagie which is easy to find in any decent bookstore including used book stores

    and the magnificent

    The Art of Manipulation by RB Sparkman which sadly is hardeprobably, probobaly an ebay or amazon purchase there.

    ThAltonswer a lot of questions for their readers and and explain in understandable terms why people are the way they are.

    You are the Narrator of your own life Man. Now live it.

    and Good luck to you !

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    in short, no. your not a bad person. it means your a guy lol. there is nothing wrong with it. as a training psychologist i have witnessed guys ask this all the time. as long as you dont put nude pics up. than that may arise a problem. not a big problem just a minor one.

    but it does almost look like the pics are getting progressively more revealing which could provoke a bigger, more subconscious problem. but for now no its not a problem. i mean seriously what guy doesn't do that at some point.

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    No you did not do anything wrong so don't be ashamed.

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