What are your opinion on Sib-Sets that use variations of the same name...?

As I was getting my son off the bus the other day, I misheard a mother in regards to her children's names and thought that she had two son's named Elias and Elijah - My first thought was "OK, good name, but really, twice!" (It turned out to be Isaiah and Elijah for those who were worried.)

My question is, what do you think of sibsets that use the different variations of the same names? (I've seen this as more common in boy/girl siblings) There are some examples posted below for your additional comments, but please feel free to expand your answer beyond these few names :-)

Elias & Elijah (boy-boy)

Michael & Michelle (boy-girl)

Christian & Christina (boy-girl)

Mary & Miriam (girl-girl)

Alec & Zander (boy-boy)

Xander & Lexie (boy-girl)

Hannah & Annika (girl-girl)

Elizabeth & Isabel (girl-girl)

Gabe & Brielle (boy-girl)

Jack & John (boy-boy)

Obviously, all can be considered names in their own right... and many you wouldn't know are simply variations on the same name unless you were as obsessed with names as some of us...

What are your opinions on sibsets that use variations of the same name?


I wanted to point out that I am asking only about sibsets - not necessarily twins...

Update 2:

Emmy Jo - I added the Michael and Michelle specifically because my hubby is Michael and his sis is Michelle! However, both were in the top 3 (#1 for Michael and #3 for Michelle) for the years they were born, and I honestly think that their mom and dad never even considered the link...

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    I know of a woman named Katherine with two daughters called Kayla and Kaitlynn!

    In general, I'm not in favor of bestowing several versions of the same name on siblings. However, I think it's okay when the connection is subtle enough that most people won't realize they come from the same name. Elizabeth and Isabel is quite charming, actually (unless they go by Lizzy and Izzy!). And I've always thought it would be kind of cool to have twin girls called Caroline and Charlotte (especially if they are both named after a grandpa Charles).

    If one or more of the names is used as a middle, then I think it's tolerable, too. In fact, for a while I had Clara Juliet and Julius Arthur at the top of my list.

    You do run the risk, though, of seeming either ignorant of the names' derivations or woefully uncreative.

    And siblings called Christian and Christina, Andrew and Andrea, Michael and Michelle... totally cheesy!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Out of your selection:

    Elizabeth and Isabel (or Isobel!)

    I love how they are they stem from the same name (well Isabella is the Spanish form of Elizabeth)

    I also like Gabe and Brielle for the same reason, though I'm not too interesting the names themselves.

    Some other interesting twin sib-sets could be:

    --Going with the Elizabeth theme:

    Lisa and Beth OR Eliza and Beth...

    Elissa and Lilibeth. Lilibeth is a medieval nickname/form for Elizabeth.


    Rosamund and Edmund. (They will not have any nicknames based on their names, MAYBE Rozie for Rosamund.) I am already considering naming a boy and a girl Rosamund and Edmund. Even though I would not do that with twins, that is another idea. I think when names end in the same sound it is not necessary so confusing, esp. with longer names. I find it's similar beginnings that make things confusing.

    --In a similar vein:

    Rosabel and Anabel.

    Arabel and Isobel. Both Scottish names!

    Alison and Isobel OR Alison and Arabel. All there are Scottish names, all Scottish forms of much older French names (Arabel is a play on Anabel, Isobel from Isabelle and Alison from the Provenc,al "Alisoun").

    Emmett and Charlotte OR Everett and Charlotte.

    Miriam and Abram. I have thought about this a lot. Both very classy Biblical names that have a similar style and sound, but not overly so.

    Even though it is a bit cheesy when names are really TOO similar... I can see how Michael and Michelle might work. The only similar sound in the names would be the M and L. Even the I in Michael and the I and Michelle isn't the same ("eye" and "ih" or "ee.")

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  • I think if they are different names that sound close than it's ok-ish

    never even considered that people would do the Alec and Zander kind of thing... that's super tacky!!!

    Christian and Christina is pretty bad too

    Jack and John seems more ok even though they are the same name

    Mary and Miriam would be ok too

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's super tacky, and there are plenty of great names out there that don't sound alike that you could use.

    Naming your kid Elijah and Elias makes the kids seem like a set of socks, not two individual human beings. It's not cute, it's not witty. It's stupid. Twins have enough time reminding people that they are not the same exact person as their sibling, and matching names don't make that any easier.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most I don't care for--like Christian and Christina--just too close.

    I don't mind:

    Jack and John

    Elizabeth and Isabel

    I don't mind these because while they are variations of the same name, they don't seem so close in sound and most ppl wouldn't realize they were variations of the same name. Kind of like Charlotte and Caroline or something. (both female variations of Charles)

    The rest are just way too close in my opinion and I really don't like Alec and Zander and Gabe and Brielle...that is quite cheesy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my daughter (6) name is Eloise one of the names we were looking at if we had another girl was Elise - we decided against it as we felt that it was to close and there is a chance the younger sibling would always feel they were in the 'shaddow' of the other or were not good enough to have their own name....

    We decided against it - the only time i would consider it is with twins, but even then it would only be a consideration as this world can beat you down enough without feeling inferior right off the mark

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  • 1 decade ago

    I used to know a girl called Patricia. Guess what her older brothers name was? Patrick. Both nicknamed Pat, and very confusing for everyone involved.

    Why use the same name twice? It doesn't make sense to me.

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  • Oy vey. I have a friend who named her first daughter Madison. Her second daughter, she named Madelyn. They also have a dog, Maddy. I know they think it's super cute. I think it's ridiculous.

    I also know a girl named Miranda. Her older sisters are Samantha and Amanda. Their mom is Sandra. No joke.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    thats weird. my nephews names are Elijah and Isaiah and they are school age. sib sets are ok as long as they arent that similar, like michael and michelle. gabe and brielle are fine

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