What are some careers that will let you work part of the year and then take part of the year off?

I know one person who does it, but I want to know are there other careers that let you do it as well. Also it would be nice if you earn enough money during that part of the year to be able to travel a bit during your time off???

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  • JC
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    1 decade ago
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    The Internal Revenue Service. Lots of people work there only seasonal or part time.

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    Go to Seattle Washington to Star Seafood Co. Sign on to an Alaskan Crabber. It pays well and the season is short. You will be able to make enough to get by for the balance of the year but it is no picnic my friend. You will get colder than you have ever experienced in your life. You will learn complacency and solitude. You will also learn patience and how to appreciate your small space in life. You will learn to appreciate even the smallest of life's gifts' as though you may never receive another. When you get the chance to take a few minutes rest, you will know you earned it and you will appreciate every second of it.

    When the seasons over, you will collect your earnings and whether you do it again another year or not; you will never forget the experience.

    Source(s): Another of lifes experiences. Although it took very little time from my life, it remains with me forever....
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    Shipping is the career in whcih you can work for 6months and then the rest of the year is off. You have to work on the ship for the 6months and you are paid enough that you can live a life of a prince in the rest of the 6 months.

    Once you are promoted to the rank of Captain, you can earn a minimum of 10,000 US$ per month. Which make total of 60,000 $ for teh 6 months. I think that is enough to live a life of a prince.

    Plus you get to travel to the cities where the ships are docked.

    Hope this was helpful for you

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Teaching, certainly gives two or three months off, though it doesn't pay well. I know several people in consulting work that control their calendars around the snowboarding and surfing seasons.

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  • Duo
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    1 decade ago

    School teachers only work half the year.

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