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Selling your car through a mobile buying service ?

About a year ago I became injured and I'm primarily confined to a wheelchair. I am in the process of obtaining a used wheelchair conversion mini-van. For the past year I have had 2 vehicles sitting in my driveway. I have a '95 Grand Am with 69,000 original miles on it that ran like a top and I have a 1990 Ford Econoline Wheelchair Van that I used to drive my disabled step-son around in. I haven't driven in just over a year now and the Econoline is too big for my wife to drive.

I don't anticipate getting too much money for either of these vehicles but I also don't want to subject myself or my wife to prospective buyers from any newspaper ad I might publish.

I have read about services such as " Mobile Car Buyer " where they allegedly come to your house and buy any car in any condition from you.

Has anyone used a car buying service to sell your car to such as " Mobile Car Buyer " ?

Do they really buy any car any condition ?

Are they reputable ?

Good or bad experiences dealing with them ?

Are there better car buying services to use that come to your house and buy your car from you ?

I basically want to get the vehicles out of my driveway but I would like to try to recoup something in as much as I had a new wheelchair lift installed in the van 1 1/2 years ago and it cost me over a thousand dollars + I figure the Grand Am is worth 500-600 dollars so I would like to sell them to a service for maybe two thousand dollars for both vehicles.

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    I would ask a friend or family member to help you sell the vehicles before I would pay a stranger to do it.

    A stranger will not give you the best price, they may take advantage of you and keep the profit for themselves. A family member or friend would be less likely to abuse the relationship for profit.

    If nothing else make a few phone calls and try to find an independant dealer who will come take the cars from you. Or give them to a charity and take a nice tax deductible donation.

    I can understand why you don't want to deal with the selling process personally but I would not solicit the help of a stranger to assist you.

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    I have a Motorola RAZR, and through Verizon, I get maps, turn by turn directions, and the ability to search for stuff (restaurants, hotel, dry cleaners, etc.) near a destination. It was very helpful on a recent NYC trip, and I didn't even drive there! The extra cost was $10 a month, which is cheaper (and with the search function, more useful) than the equivalent Garmin or TomTom, which required a few hundred bucks plus a monthly fee. If you are willing to do without turn-by-turn directions, you might consider a hand-held GPS by Garmin. These are normally used for hiking, wilderness, etc. Buying a unit with good memory, along with an extra CD that has all US maps, might be a bargain compared to their "Car based" units that seem to start at about $400. A cheap GPS costs under $100. A better hand held unit with a map disk should still run about $200, maybe $250. That may be enough to help you get around a new town, or at least give you a clue as to where you are, and where that &*$#@! highway is. Hope this helps!

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    I too recommend the donation idea. You get a nice tax write-off and it helps charities by providing funds. Someone who really needs it may end up as the recipient of the Van.

    Source(s): Have donated vehicles.
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