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America Government

is the police part of the America Government?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    is the police part of the America Government?

    Not Necessily, Depend on what kind of police force or law enforcement officer you are talking about.

    The LEO system in US is extremely complicated. Overall, there are 3 type of law Enforcement officer (or Peace/Police officer) in US.

    1.) Federal LEO

    Federal LEO is belong to the Federal US Government. They are under control from the US Government. And their job and power is above the rank in State Officer. Example included

    1.) Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) Officer

    2.) Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearm (BATF) Officer

    3.) Department of Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)

    4.) Drug Enforcement Agence (DEA) Officer

    5.) Department of Energy, Secure Transport Agency Officer

    6.) Immigration and Custom Enforcement, USCIS

    7.) US Marshall Service, (DOJ)

    and some more

    Notice that, most officer in federal LEO position would have a title "Agent" in front, oppose to the other LEO which have "Officer" in front

    2.) State Level LEO

    State police or state LEO are part of state security service, they are branched to local state government. Some example include;

    1.) State Trooper

    2.) Highway Patrol Officer

    3.) National Guard Unit

    Just different state have their different type of LEO, they would have the same name except for the state name.....

    3.) Local LEO

    Local mean local city LEO, usually controlled by local sheriff department (can be government branch and can be not)

    This is also the level of LEO you hear and see everyday (Such as NYPD - Police for New York City, LAPD - Police of Los Angeles county)

    2009-09-15 13:21:18 補充:

    To Gary:

    1.) I know, that why i said "MOST" federal officer was called agent....

    Beside Capitol Police Branch the other one i know of not called agent is National Park Ranger under US Forest Service, well, they are ranger, not special agent..

    2009-09-15 13:23:41 補充:

    2. That is the old saying, today LEA are both keeping peace and fighting crime, for example, there are many crime prevention bureau in State police or even big City PD (Such as LAPD).

    2009-09-15 13:23:59 補充:

    Another example is detetective in Police force. They too were called officer but instead of keeping peace, they are making peace

    2009-09-15 13:25:32 補充:

    3.) Aren't both USCIS and ICE both under DHS? Anyway, even they are not directly in command, but ICE does work more in favour of CIS instead of DHS. Just like US Coast Guard, they are under DHS officially, but you won't related their job to DHS normally, instead to the navy.

    2009-09-15 13:26:40 補充:

    4.) Don't know how to say it, but you are dead wrong, US Constitution allow National Guardsmen work as a LEO in their respective state for riot control purpose and in case of natural diaster.

    2009-09-15 13:27:47 補充:

    Last of this example is when Katrine hit Louisanna in 2004, National Guard act as police officer to quash riot and establish public safety. This is the only mission National guard do in US, other than a fighting force oversea.

    2009-09-15 13:29:14 補充:

    5.) Sheriff and Sheriff Department is different, you obiviously did not live in a Small town in MidUSA or midwest.

    In big town, the Police are usually under control by the mayor, but in small town, police work is separated from mayor and they will have their own sheriff department.

    2009-09-15 13:31:26 補充:

    They will usually be distinctively different than normal big city police. Instead of XXX PD (XXX is the city name) they will have XXX Sheriff Department (XXX is the city name)

    2009-09-15 13:37:25 補充:

    WHat your understanding to Sheriff is correct in Big City only (Such as New York City while police control leo and sheriff control bail and bond and court matter) but in small city like Pueblo County, their LEO is run by Sheriff department.

    2009-09-15 13:38:39 補充:

    The question is, why i again said most of the LEO was run by Sheriff? Cos this is a usual practices in small town USA, but in big city, they were different. However, since there are not too many big city, but A LOT of small city, so most of the police force was run on sheriff department.

    2009-09-15 13:40:27 補充:

    6.) LAPD is still Local Law Enforcement, i did not say LA PD look over LA City (LA city is small, dude) I have already said LAPD is Los Angeles COUNTY police department, please look carefully

    2009-09-15 13:41:19 補充:

    7.) I got nothing to say/reply cos i never said Agent is EXCLUSIVELY used on Federal LEO.........I didn't said that, did i?

    2009-09-15 13:44:49 補充:

    More info for 5.)

    For example, NYPD was under direct control ans supervision of Mayor of NYC, There are a sheriff department in NYC, but they are appointed by Mayor and only work in court related issue.

    2009-09-15 13:45:47 補充:

    However, not all (nearly most of the US City) does not separate Court system to police, tho mayor may still present in that city, but they are more to planning and administrative role, not Law Enforcement Role.

    2009-09-15 13:46:43 補充:

    While they will appoint a Sheriff and who inturn establish a department in their local city and county and start working as LEO.

    2009-09-15 13:48:00 補充:

    That is, for a town with like 5000-20000 inhibitant, what is the point to get different job between Chief of Police (City Term) and Sheriff (County Term), i mean there are not more than 7-10 peace officer in the station, what kind of different does it make?

    2009-09-15 13:48:47 補充:

    But in the case of a big city which Police officer number to thousands and resident number to hundred thousand or even millions, then it started to have different.

    2009-09-15 13:50:04 補充:

    Don't want to copy all the reply from main question to here, just read the supplimentry information in the main question dude.....

    Source(s): Most of my friend is Law Enforcement Officer in the US, some are federal some staqte and some local officer
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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    people in Hk may confuse the word ---- police ---- in America. also the word --- grovernment.

    police of course is part of grovernment law enforcement service. but there are so many large and small grovernments in USA.

    Fedreal ( Washington D.C. ), 50 States, thousands counties, thousands cities, ten of thousands Towns and villages..... all have their own grovernment.

    they all follow the constitution and up line grovernment's legal guidelines and laws plus whatever their own laws.

    for example, Boston police can not go arrest people in New York City.

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  • Gary
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    1 decade ago

    It is a yes.

    In general, American Police System can be determined as 3 levels:

    1) National - Federal

    2) Regional - State

    3) Local - City / County

    Based on the authority of the law, each level of police agencies has its own jurisdiction and authority as below:

    1) Federal - Crime related to interstate commerce or national interests, such as mail crime, drugs, immigration, terrorism over the entire United States.

    2) State - Crime related to in-state business only, such as insurance fraud within a state.

    3) Local - Daily crime and offense, such as traffic, robbery.

    Please note that the higher level of the police agencies, the authority is bigger than next level. For example, United States Postal Inspection Service oversees all mail theft issues while local police can't investigate (because it involves with interstate issues). Also, a higher level can overtake a case when necessary, such as drugs cases.

    You can read more from here:

    2009-09-15 11:56:04 補充:

    To j_hungary002:

    There are several mistakes I want to point out:

    1. Federal LEO has "Officer", such as CBP and Capitol Police.

    2. Officer is different from Agent. In a simple way, Agent is to fight crime and Officer is to maintain peace and security.

    2009-09-15 11:57:25 補充:

    3. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a standalone agencies under Department of Homeland Security, which is independent from USCIS. USCIS has no enforcement authority at all.

    2009-09-15 12:00:44 補充:

    4. National Guard Unit is a uniform armed service. They are military opposed to peace officers.

    2009-09-15 12:01:24 補充:

    5. Sheriff does not oversee local police as they have different responsibility - usually take care of jail, court and county building security, as well as security for unincorporated area of the county. Also, most of the special response unit, commonly known as SWAT, belongs to Sheriff.

    2009-09-15 12:03:27 補充:

    6. LAPD is a special local police agency, which is similar to San Francisco Police Department or SFPD, which oversees the whole county instead of the city.

    2009-09-15 12:04:14 補充:

    7. "Agent" appears in state LE agencies as well.

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