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世界上大多城市都已交通堵塞為患(suffer from)

我們希望能與你分享你的成功經驗(share with)

這條裙子不但太大 而且顏色野不適合我(apart from)


Even ough he was ill,he insisted on working with us

? ? his illness, he insisted on working with us

What on earth do you want to do for you?

What ? ? ? do you want me to do for you?

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    版主 您好:

    1.世界上大多城市都已交通堵塞為患(suffer from)

    Most of the cities around the globe suffered from the traffic jams.

    2.我們希望能與你分享你的成功經驗(share with)

    We hope that you can share your successful experience with us.

    3.這條裙子不但太大 而且顏色野不適合我(apart from)

    Apart from the oversized problem, the color of the skirt doesn't suit me.


    1.Despite his illness, he insisted on working with us.

    2.What thing do you want me to do for you?

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    Most of cities in the world have suffered from the brutal traffic problem.

    We hope we could share with your successful experience.

    Apart from the size of the skirt is too big for me, the color is not suitable to me, either.

    Even though.....

    Even if.....

    What on earth ..

    What the hell...

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