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幫忙把此演講打成英文, 一字不漏唷!

請去此BLOG -




請 認 真 回 答

^ ^ 3Q.

PS: 一 字 都 不 能 漏 喔 .

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    那個 兔子







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    Um, I have a couple of people who wanted me to recap the resolution of the Holliday junction, and, so that’s what I am going to do before we get into transcription of genes. And , I am gonna start with figure here.. Where your sort of the summary of the steps involved, so we have already at this stage if you recall we had a double strand break created on one of the homologous (pass) and then the ( ) had coming and nibble back on this strand here and on this strand here and this have given us a strand invasion, and since the chromosome the paternal and maternal copy of the chromosome is a line to the base pair, we can have base pairing here because this strand is complementary to that strand. And, also down here we have synthesis to fill in the gaps and then ligation and we end up with the Holliday junction looking like this. And notice this process actually creates two Holliday junctions, um, one her and one here. And we talked about how we can get recombination or not as one of these result ( or resolve). So in working this through yourself, you want to pay attention to your five primes and three primes and if you look up at the left hand side of the figure which is the label Holliday junction the second from the bottom there, you can see that we have a strand which look like this and then we have a strand on the.. let me make them different colors, these are the ones which is not exchanged, and on the outside we have three primes, and this is made an exchanged here, I am just gonna show one Holliday junction here, excuse me, wrong color. The other one here, we have an exchange like so. So the question is how this is resolved give you recombination or not, and remember the thing to do is to keep your eye on what’s going on with low side that might be different on the other side here, so the gena type of this particular case (這裡他因為講錯所以很亂,我大概整理出他的意思)if we would write it as a (mendinia) cross we were analyzing would be like this, ok?

    2009-09-16 21:09:29 補充:

    And, so that’s our gena type just causes of (abariouns) of gene on this side of this particular junction a different gene on this side here. And so the maternal or paternal chromosome whatever it is on the top of here would be a five…

    2009-09-16 21:09:37 補充:


    這是到4分鐘的內容, ( ) 起來的是不確定的字,


    那些um 或是停頓就不打出來了,




    不好意思, 希望能幫到你!

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