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Collision Coverage, How Did I Loose Mine?

I purchased a used 2008 Dodge Charger(I paid Cash) in January. I got the insurance at the dealership. I moved in February from my previous address where my insurance company had me on file; however, I updated my address with the company through customer service in February.

My dilemma:

I wrecked my vehicle in April, and I was told that I lost my collision coverage, due to the fact, that I never completed a Carco Inspection. (I live in NYC). However, I do not believe I should be at fault, because I had no prior knowledge of this Inspection prior to my accident, because the stupid Insurance company was mailing the Carco request to my old address... And now the agent who assigned me with the Insurance company is saying that, I was suppose to update him with my address and not the insurance company. WTFWTFWTF. I was confused how come the insurance company never updated his system with my information and why am I at fault, because I never heard of this type of inspection... That was my first vehicle and I had to literally drop out of my last semester of college because my gas peddle got stuck and I nearly died in the accident. And now I can't get a new car because I never did a Carco Inspection?????????? Can someone please help me out, because the insurance company is telling me that I would need to wait for the underwriting department to get back to them. Please help me out, there needs to be a loop-hole here...

I was told that I could give them the bill of sale; however, the dealership went out of business. And it’s funny that the agent who assigned me with the insurance has his personal line; but, he never gets back to me. The dealer keeps on saying that he would get back to me. And shouldn't the agent have the bill of sale??? I lost my bill of sale, because it was in the vehicle and the vehicle was in a lot where I lost the ownership, because I lost my collision coverage and I was being billed $400 for the tow and $50 per day. And should I mention that I was in the hospital in critical condition for 10 days (20 days in total). And I recently came from a death in the family from Dominican Republic, and now I’m trying to fight for the medical as well as for the vehicle insurance. Can someone please help me out, because I honestly can't afford a lawyer and I just finished paying for my tuition and I don't have any expendable income.




Please don't tell me that

Update 2:

The insurance company is The Hartford.

I hate my situation

Update 3:

I was told by The Department of Insurance, that I had to have taken the Carco Inspection, in-order to satisfy the requirments of the NY State Collision Coverage. And that I am not at fault; however, there is nothing they could do. And I should either contact an attorney or I should see if there are any loop holes with "THE HARTFORD" that would satisfy the Carco Inspection. Such as, a Bill of Sale (I can't obtain it because the dealership went out of business and the agent claims that he does not have a copy), the Sticker price (this is only if the vehicle was new) or the Lease Agreement (I purchased the vehicle cash). What can I do, because I don't have enough funds for a lawyer.....

Update 4:

I need help because my school is located 2 1/2 hours away from my residents using public transportation and I just want my car back: I literally saved my money for two years in-order to purchase that vehicle. And it hurts so much that I almost lost my life in the accident and my Insurance does not want to pay my car off because I never did an inspection that I had no prior knowledge of.

Can someone please please help me out

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    You may have to get professional help. I hope you learned that you should never buy insurance from a car dealer. Car dealers sell cars, insurance companies sell insurance. Use each of them for their intended purposes

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    But only a lawyer can sort this one out.

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