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Okay should I when baking a cake swirl the chocolate & villain 2gether or should I not?

Like when i put it in the pan. or would it taste nasty?

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    that is what a marble cake is chocolate and vanilla cake swirled together. to do it you put the vanilla cake batter in the pan first and smooth it out, then put the chocolate in the pan using a big spoon all over the yellow. get a butter knife and drag it through twisting it to make swirls through out the pan. do not stir too much or they will mix together too much.

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    if you make a batch of vanilla cake mix and then make a batch of chocolate cake mix you have the makings of a marble cake! which you make by pouring half of the already prepared vanilla batter into your cake pan and take half of the already prepared chocolate batter and put it into a cup and gently pour littles dollops evenly around the cake pan then take a knife and gently swirl slightly not mixing and when you finish baking and cut into the cake it'll be marbled. and yeah it'll taste great

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    villain.. aha.

    It should be fine, it's like a marble cake :)

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    it tastes better.try it once.

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