What is Chromatography?

I have to write a 5 page essay (double Spaced) on what is chromatography, also explain about it and tell examples. Please help me!!!! Please i am begging you!!! Write a 5 page essay for me please?!?! if i don't pass this class I am gonna have to repeat it. The class is biology and i just so happen to have one of those MEAN STRICT teachers. Please imagine if you were me..... :( this is my last hope.... please help me....

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    Sorry, I'M NOT GOING TO WRITE A 5 PAGE ESSAY FOR YOU, and i high doubt any other person would.

    If its double spaced it's not that bad. Its only around 2-3 pages regulary spaced. Once you go to collage, be prepared to write 20 page reports.

    If its such an important grade do it yourself. Thats the only way you will learn.

    You can use these links as resources.




    There are couple type of chromatography.

    You can write a paragraph or so on a couple type. And vola. You'll get your 5 pages

    "Types of Chromatography"


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    What is chromatography, you ask?? Well, quite simply, it is a broad range of physical methods used to separate and or to analyze complex mixtures. The components to be separated are distributed between two phases: a stationary phase bed and a mobile phase which percolates through the stationary bed.

    How Does It Work? Like Magic!

    A mixture of various components enters a chromatography process, and the different components are flushed through the system at different rates. These differential rates of migration as the mixture moves over adsorptive materials provide separation. Repeated sorption/desorption acts that take place during the movement of the sample over the stationary bed determine the rates. The smaller the affinity a molecule has for the stationary phase, the shorter the time spent in a column.

    So, Why Is It So Special?

    In any chemical or bioprocessing industry, the need to separate and purify a product from a complex mixture is a necessary and important step in the production line. Today, there exists a wide market of methods in which industries can accomplish these goals. Chromatography is a very special separation process for a multitude of reasons! First of all, it can separate complex mixtures with great precision. Even very similar components, such as proteins that may only vary by a single amino acid, can be separated with chromatography. In fact, chromatography can purify basically any soluble or volatile substance if the right adsorbent material, carrier fluid, and operating conditions are employed. Second, chromatography can be used to separate delicate products since the conditions under which it is performed are not typically severe. For these reasons, chromatography is quite well suited to a variety of uses in the field of biotechnology, such as separating mixtures of proteins.

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    Why don't you just try and learn about it?

    Obviously you want to pass biology, so instead of worrying about your strict teacher and the task of 5 pages have a look around the web and find out more. Once you have read through a few websites and found out more about it I am sure the words will come and you will write a great paper. Hell you paper will probably be the best in the class - good luck!

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    By definition it is the separation of a mixture by passing it in solution or suspension or as a vapor (as in gas chromatography) through a medium in which the components move at different rates.

    For a project, just go to wikipedia and type it in, and it will give you everything you need to know about it. Then just write your essay based on the important points outlined on Wikipedia.

    Source(s): Oxford English Dictionary Experience with Essays
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    is a essay that use the light to incide to moleculs

    and show diferent kinds of colours with that you can see what is the composition

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    basically a term for 'set of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures'

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    google my friend....

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    i dunno

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