He wants to have sex without a condom. What are other backup contraceptives?

I am on birth control. I am on it RIGHT. As in, I take it at the same exact time every night, and take it every day, am on the unmedicated pills on my period and all that.

But Im still hesitant.

What other ways of backup are there?


Dont tell me to just use a condom. I'm not asking for advice.

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    Yes, there are other things you can do to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. They are called barrier methods of birth control, and there are several besides the male condom. Using a spermicide with a barrier method gives you the best possible barrier method protection...especially if you are also on an oral contraceptive. For it to work you have to insert the device prior to intercourse. The spermicide kills most of the sperm that enter the vagina. Your chosen barrier method then blocks any remaining sperm from passing through the cervix to fertilize an egg.

    Barrier methods include the diaphragm, cervical cap, Lea's Shield, female condom and spermicidal foam, sponges, and film. Unlike other methods of birth control, barrier methods are used only when you have sexual intercourse. Be sure to read the instructions before using a barrier method. It is very important that you use a barrier method correctly every time you have sex. It is important to note however, that the male and female condom are the only barrier methods that will also prevent STDs. So don't use anything else unless you know for sure you and your partner do not have an STDs. The barrier methods I have mentioned are not 100% effective on their own, but if you don't want to use a male condom, one of these methods used with spermicide AND your oral birth control pills should keep you plenty protected.

    Several pros of these methods: they are cheaper, they will not affect your future fertility, you can use them when you breastfeed, they won't interfere with other health conditions, etc.

    Several cons to consider: some find them embarassing to discuss with they're partner, they need to be put in/on prior to intercourse and can interrupt the mood/foreplay, some people can be allergic to the active ingredient in spermicide.

    I think you should really sit down and evaluate what you want out of protection, what you are willing to do or deal with, and discuss your options with your doctor. Good luck, and congratulations on wanting to do all you can to protect yourself.

    Source(s): webmd.com, familydoctor.org, and personal experience
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    You can try using spermicide foam, but it can irritate the tissue within your vagina so not all women like it. The first few times we used it, it burned pretty good.

    If you are deciding to not use condoms, then you should make sure that you are both STI free and make sure that you use something else, do not rely on the pill alone. I am 35 weeks pregnant while on the pill and using spermicide foam so it can happen.

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    there are no other backups to protect you from STD's and HIV or AIDS

    A 5minute romp in the sack just isn't worth the risk...

    As for pregnancy prevention aside from the hormonal contreceptives that you're currently on there are also female condoms, spermicides (foam and jellies), cervical barriers (diaphram), and the "sponge".. there's also the pull out method, but i wouldn't reccomend that.. There's also the morning after pill.

    Honestly you two really should just use condoms.. its the safe, mature and smart choice.

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    You can get pregnant while on the pill, and while using a condom. It happens. But your chances are low. Unless your ready to take responsibility in case something does go wrong, use a condom.

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    A condom is your best bet but they too fail. You can always go to walmart and buy gel contraceptives. My aunt used them for like a year and they apparently work. Just be sure to follow instructions EXACTLY as it reads or it won't work properly

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    Plan B. If you want to shell out 50$ for like.. an hour of making him feel good.

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    a female condom a femedom

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    You can get spermicide at any pharmacy! It like a jelly or lube type stuff that you squirt inside so that when he goes it kills all the sperm.

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    Do Not listent to him. Your only 100% safe from STD's and pregnancy if you use a condom and BC..

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