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Why do I hate the University of Michigan so much?! Seriously, I can't figure out why.?

I don't go to one of their rival schools, in fact, I am in the big twelve. I have never even payed attention to Michigan or knew anything about it until college.

My girlfriend does go there. I feel like I hate her school for unfair reasons but my blood seriously boils when I see "GO BLUE!!!" or "ITS A GREAT DAY TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!!" in a facebook status.

Reasons I found to hate Michigan:

-I visited her there and it seems like everyone acts like they are superior. Like "Yeah! I go to Michigan! GO BLUE!"

-I talk to my GF everyday and she always complains about school constantly and how she doesn't like the people she lives with and how much their football team sucks, yet she will go to great lengths to tell everyone how great her school is and defend it to the end.

-Everyone who goes to Michigan does that. No one ever has anything bad to say about anything about that school. Even if there is something bad. Its like they are all brainwashed. I guess I just feel like everyone there has a huge ***** for everything that has to do with Michigan and it seriously bothers me.

Is it jealousy?

Is it them?

Is it me?

Is it my girlfriend going there instead of here?

I just want some peace of mind.

Tell me what you think.

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    I can't tell you why you hate The University of Michigan.

    I have met dozens, no hundred's, of people who went to, or are going to UM and haven't gotten that from ANY of them.

    This is all before they know I'm a fan, so it's not being two-faced (which it sounds to me like your girlfriend is).

    I can't speak for you, or your GF, but it sounds to me like she doesn't like being there, which would indicated to me that she did not check out the school too well before she decided to go there. (it's not an easy school to get into, high academic standards, high tuition etc.)

    As for acting "superior", if I were to go to any highly regarded college or university, I would think that I would also be proud to say that I go there (and rightly so), if you don't, why did you go there in the first place.

    Also, I hate Notre Dame with the heat of a nova, so I know where you are coming from, but I know why I hate them.

    With you I think that it is jealousy, not of UM, but that your GF goes there and you're not able to see her as much as you would like, and that you may not like any of her friends (be careful with that !!).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dude I know what you mean. Tons of people around my school go around wearing UM shirts and it just irritates me. I don't know about you but I am a purdue and Michigan state fan. I just hate

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  • 1 decade ago

    You should immediately Transfer to Ohio State, you would love it there.

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