how about that adrian peterson run against the browns?

i'm talking about the 64 yarder ? comments? thoughts?

do you think he has a shot at 2,000 yards this year??

Update 2:

ok, i get that it was agaINST the browns ,( it wasnt detroit, right ,lol) ( they are still professional tacklers & only 6oo or so professional tacklers play in the nfl & out of the entire 100 billion peopel on the planet, they are still fairly good, dont you think ? but remember he also ran for over 200 yards against the sand diego chargers( who had a top defense that year) & the nfl record agaisnt the tough bears defense as well ( well over 200 yards)

he brok 6 tackles & out ran two players afeter they had an angle on him & he was stopping & going & cutting & juking & breaking , did i mention 6 tackles, including throwing one completly out of the way ! farve didnt throw much either !

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    I'm a Chicago Bears fan and I just want to let you know that you are lucky that you have been born into a fan of a team who actually is competent, in fact the Vikings are more than competent they are amazing. Adrian Peterson definitely has the skill set to rush for over 2000 yards. The Vikings are looking like the team to beat in the NFC. I always thought they were over rated but then I realized how good they really are. They have a veteren Quarterback who looks pretty good, they have the best runningback of the century. Their receivers are respectable. Their defense is outstanding. I project them to lose only 4 games this year. This team is special.... I wish the bears were as good as the vikings...

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    It was a great run, but it was still against the Browns defense, not the Steelers or Ravens defense. And I doubt he will get to 2000 yards. Just look at their schedule. Both Chicago and Green Bay proved that they can play some run defense, as well as Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and the NY Giants. He's going to have monster games, and ones where he barely gets 70 yards. And like someone else said, Favre is going to want to throw it, they are going to try to get Taylor and Harvin carries as well, which means that players are taking away carries from Peterson.

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    It was over when ...

    Adrian Peterson scored his third touchdown -- a 64-yard scamper up the sideline -- to put the Vikings up 34-13 in the fourth quarter. Given the Browns' struggles on offense, a 21-point deficit would be too much to overcome in the final minutes.

    Yes he has a chance, but will he do it? It all depends how the other teams will defend against him. I know within their division, no one can stop him, but the rest of the league, especially the teams in the NFC east and south have teams with good enough defenses to limit his production.

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    initiate Ronnie Brown. top now no you will give up him. he's working the league and is going insane. With Houston, who hasn't gained and interest and with a no longer so reliable protection i might initiate him. Peterson is going to attain early yet he's injured and the vikings would be careful and take him out early

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    Good run, but it was against the Browns.

    No, he would have to have an even better game than he had yesterday to get to 2,000 yards. Add Favre to the mix along with Chester Taylor and Percy Harvin, and that means less touches for Peterson, almost guaranteeing that he won't get 2,000 yards.

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    I do think he has a shot a 2000 yards this season. But it depends on two things. He absolutely must stay healthy (which will be hard for him because he is such a physical running back) and he must get a lot of carries (which will be hard for him because Brett Favre likes to throw a lot of passes).

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    Really tough against the Browns.....

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    it was sweeeet!

    and he has a shot at 2000 yards every year

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    it was good

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