Hungry and Stomach makin funny noises all the time?

In the morning i have breakfast of toast and cereal and glass of orange and an hour later i am really hungry again :( i go to college and in the morning i have to keep my hand on my stomach, breath in and drink water all the time til i can get some sort of food, but sometimes when i get some food, i can't get myself to eat it :(

and i know your digestion system is meant to make noises, but this goes on for the rest of the day :$ its embarrassing.

I eat healthily, do a far amount of exercise and quite thin. is there anything i do or eat to stop my stomach being Noise?

(i know it ain't loo' problems)

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    1 decade ago
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    You probably should see a Dr hon to get to the root of the problems. Guessing & wondering won't cut it.I know I had the same troubles. Could be any of a number of digestive disorders or could be an ulcer from stress making you sick. Best to see a DR hon. I know, I had one...and I was given meds. I also have some acid reflux disease now because I didn't always take my meds. Last few days again I'm having the same problems as you are. I had forgotten my meds so now I took it earlier.

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    1 decade ago

    awwww:( i know how you feel!

    i've had this... its nothing to worry about:)

    if you feel weak at the same time your feeling hungary then it could mean your blood sugar is low which means your not eating enough sweet stuff or consuming enough natural vitamins.

    on the other hand, if your not feeling weak and just feeling hungay, then your either not eating enough or, your loosing more calories through exercising than your consuming and its causing you to become hungary. your body goes into starvation mode and begins to start eating away at lean muscle.

    my advise to you is, start eating little and often!

    either, start eating bigger portions or, the best thing you can do healthwise is, eat 4-6 medium to small meals a day. (not junk food) but lean meat/ fresh veg etc... and remember to inlude some fat as your body needs it:0 aspecially if your exercising regularly.

    oh and, don't worry, i had this a few years ago and its actually very common;).

    hope i helped!

    Source(s): got a degree in PE, had to study this alot at university
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    Carbs do not keep you full for very long. Try to eat some protein, like eggs, and that should help. But if you are pairing carbs and protein together, make sure you are eating whole wheat. Try a couple of eggs, wheat toast, some fruit, and your orange juice.

  • 3 years ago

    your abdomen computerized ringer, that to remind you it relatively is..."what the h**l, the place is my foodstuff!!desire capability yet no foodstuff, how come lar!!" (translated from perut language) (^-*)

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