I need info about the beacon theater seating, im buying tix at the upper level.?

so im going to a show at the beacon theater in nov.

and its small and selling out so i need to know asap.

the only seats left are at the upper level. are those any good?

the band im seeing (Guster) is playing 2 sets, and tix r 50 bucks. which is well worth the 40 or so songs i will hear.

but im reallly far away. and there playing in boston were i can get general admission. but that show is on Halloween and i dont wanna miss my last halloween of high school. so just somebody tell me how r the upper level seats? and can i maybe sneak down to general admission? and i may wanna blaze a little bit are u searched or are there like guards watching if u smoke?


im row F, how bad wuld those b?

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    1 decade ago
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    The upper level seats at the Beacon Theater are, well, far away from the stage, but the theater is not THAT big so it's not too bad.

    You probably won't be able to sneak downstairs... last time I tried it I got caught. They didn't kick me out or anything, just made me go back to my regular seat, but they're watching out for that.

    And, no, you won't be abe to light up because it's a totally non-smoking venue, so I'd recommend you get totally stoked out on the street before you even go in, because if you light up anything inside, like even a cigarette, they will spot you.

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