What's a moment in a book where you thought, "WTF?"?

I'm not sure how to punctuate that...

Anyway, I'm sure we've all come across moments in books that have made us stop and ask, "What the hell is going on?" So what were those moments? What's a moment in a book where you just had to put it down because you were so confused, annoyed, surprised etc.?

Bonus Question: What's a moment in your life where you've reacted the same way?


I loved every answer I got to this question, and--as usual--wish I could give more than one person Best Answer because you all deserve ten points.

Thank you all for answering!! :D

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    I honestly have to say that I had a lot of those moments while reading Twilight. Edward sneaks into Bella's room and she's okay with that. WTF? Vampires sparkle. WTF? Bad guy shows up. FINALLY, some conflict. It's solved in time for the Prom. W.T.F?!?!

    And in Eragon by Christopher Paolini, the scene where the egg is hatching and making weird noises and crap, and Eragon's all like, "Shut up, funny-colored rock, I'm trying to sleep." Also, I had a moment when Eragon and his extremely poor family sat down to a meal of chicken for breakfast. Chicken. WTF.

    Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. Yeah, that book gave me some WTF moments. This guy is trying to make vampires real by experimenting on himself. WTF. These twins go psycho on each other. One ends up in a coma, the other leaves the country. WTF. The ending was like a scene that was taken straight outta Star Wars. WTF?!

    Bonus Question: Just about everyday, I have a WTF moment. Like today, at lunch, I was driving around and nearly got slammed into seven different times by some cars, one being a cop van. (I'm not a bad driver, I swear!) People just weren't paying attention today or something. So I screamed out the window, "People need to learn to effing drive. WTF."

    EDIT: My answer is the only one on this page with a thumbs down. WTF?

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    I have had many, many "WTF!" moments whilst reading.

    I experienced a lot of them throughout reading Twilight.


    ~When Edward left in New Moon

    ~When Bella got preggers in Breaking Dawn

    ~When Jacob imprinted on Renesmee

    just to name a few of the manyy...

    There were so many in Harry Potter as well:


    ~When Dumbledore died

    ~When Snape died

    ~When Sirius died

    ~When Hedwig died

    ~When Snape killed Dumbledore

    ~When Harry half-died

    ~When Umbridge was appointed Hogwarts High Inquisitor

    ~When Ginny and Harry kissed for the first time *awww sweet*

    ~When Ron and Hermione, in the midst of a wizarding war, embraced.

    Ha ha lol. They are mostly all deaths..... :(

    And in lots of other books that I've read, I must admit I have said, or at least uttered the words 'WTF'.

    I suppose that is what makes books so interesting though, isn't it? I mean if there were no shock moments, then the books would be boring and drab, and we wouldn't want to continue reading them.

    Bonus Question: Oh, I get them all the time in real life. At least once or twice a day. The world is such a crazy place that it is hard not to experience WTF moments.

    At school, I see them a lot, like, if a kid walks past singing loudly or screaming, or showing a crazy hair do, or something. Or when I am shopping.

    Yesterday when I heard about the whole Taylor Swift/Kanye West thing, I was like WTF!! Why would he do that??

    he he

    Great question,


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    oh boy, when i read the Basic Eight book the ending was so weird. It ended with one of the characters turing out to be imaginary??? and its so weird, in the entire book people are talking to this person are having fun with the person but in the end when the main character says something about her everyone one is like "who is that?" that was a WTFFF!! moment for me, i just dropped the book and left my room.

    I either dont have moments like that in my life or i cant think of any right now

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    Yes, I've had plenty of WTF moments.

    In City of Bones, when I found out that Jace and Clary were brother and sister (sorry for the spoiler), I was like "what the hell!!!" I had to not only put the book down but resist the urge of building a fire in my unused fireplace and throwing the book into it. lol. I was that appalled.

    In Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince, I also had a WTF moment. When Dumbledore died I just couldn't believe it. I thought that it was impossible and that it could absolutely not be true. For awhile I believed that it was all just a hoax and that he would reveal himself at a later time. In the end I learned to accept his death.

    The same thing happened to me in the Maximum Ride series. That series can be downright ridiculous with some weird and strange things that happen out of the blue. When Angel suddenly started breathing underwater and talking to fish, I was like "WTF!". Then all hell broke loose when the dog sprouted wings. lol.

    In "To Kill a Mockingbird", Tom's revelation that Jim had been free all along was truly surprising and deserving of a "what the hell" moment.

    There are more but that's all I can think of at the moment.

    Great Question!

    EDIT:Sorry, I missed the bonus question!

    Okay I can't think of a moment in my life right now where I had a WTF moment even though I'm sure there are plenty. But yesterday, I watched the VMA's and Kayne West's comment made me go WTF. I was like "why the hell would you say something like that??" It was incredibly rude.

    ------>>haha I totally agree with Lyra on that whole Kartik becoming a tree thing. WTF.

    ---->> He was my favorite too. It was bizarre. (maybe one z I think? I don't know...) That was definitely not the ending I was expecting.

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    W.T.F.= Wow, That's Funny/Fantastic.

    In that case, every twist and turn of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It didn't annoy me, it merely greatly intensified my interest in that novel.

    For example, the Kings Cross Station chapter at the end. (The first time I read it). At first I was like, 'Why in the name of Merlin is Harry naked?' but then I came to the realization that I should not be as superficial and paranoid about such a situation. But then Dumbledore rocked up and explained about the Horcrux-Hallows situation. It intrigued me.

    As for 'W.T.F.' as in 'why the hell am I reading this?', in Breaking Dawn (Twilight saga). I died of boredom, and it was just so pathetically confusing (I am still suspicious of the fact that Meyer actually named one of the characters RENESMEE CARLIE) and the fact that Bella got pregnant, and how Jacob fell in love with Nessie; it didn't seem to click in my head. After, of course, I read Harry Potter and fell back to normality.

    In a real-life situation, only recently I added one of my sister's friend (a grade 7 guy, uh, Middle-School for Americans), on MSN, and was talking to him about My Life Is Average (MLIA), which has a theme of Pokemon, ninjas and Harry Potter. He then proceeded to say, 'I wanna visit Macchu Picchu'. Thinking we were still on the topic of MLIA, I asked him whether that was a land in Pokemon. I have never been so mortified by a twelve-year-old in my life. I guess this was more or less an embarrassing moment, but at the time, I was still like, 'what the hell'. How sad. I am sixteen.


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    Have you ever heard of the Bizarro genre? Let's start with author Carlton Mellick III, and his book The Haunted Vagina. No joke. Her fanny leads to a parallel dimension... WTF? I'm not going past the title on this one.

    The biggest WTF read was probably Bridges of Madison County, especially at the end when she's written a letter to her children asking them to accept that the affair she had was a beautiful thing, and that they should love the other guy for it. It's just weird.

    A real life WTF moment... finding your phone full of *** pictures because you were stupid enough to leave it on the table in the pub while you went to the bar. Waking up the morning after and finding all the doorknobs missing, sick on the lighbulbs, and the reason you can't get the bathroom door open is because someone has passed out on the floor and wedged themselves between the sink and the door, and that thing you've been hitting with the door while you were trying to ram it open was their head. Seeing someone stand up naked in a field wearing nothing but a wolfskin over their head. Shall I go on?

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    1 decade ago

    I had a ton of those moments in Kiss Me Judas (by Christopher Baer i think it is?) It's one of those "the main character is mostly on drugs so you don't know what's really happening and what's in his mind." On top of that, the story was so uninteresting. I can't pinpoint a certain situation because it's all the same. I finished the book (i hate not finishing a book) but I definitely won't finish up the series.

    BQ: I'm sure this is where everyone will have interesting/funny tales to tell but my mind is blank right now.

    Fun question ^_^

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    Since i got a Daniel Steele book for my birthday-i had to read it!

    At one moment of the book, actually at every moment...i was like WTF

    it was the cheezyest thing! I wondered ...who ever reads this?

    In my life -

    when i learned my boyfriend from one year is getting married in 2 months

    ( arranged marriage)


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    I can't remember the title of the book but basically, a teenage girl is sent away to live with her cousins in the country to escape the war. The parents disappear so the children are left fending for themselves. Then all of a sudden, the cousins are sleeping together resulting in one of the cousins becoming mentally ill and the others rejecting him! :|

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    Ever read Terry Pratchett? I love his books but seriously I'm going "what the heck" and "you've got to be kidding me" when I'm reading his books. It's a lot of fun I love it.

    bq: Sorry to be a bit clique, but I'm going with a serious moment here. When my school librarian got a phone call on the morning of 9/11/01 and I was on work study that morning. I didn't use the f world but I was pretty close when she turned to me an told me to get a tv out.

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    1 decade ago

    When I got to the end of 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy I WTF'd hard. Seriously. I'd read all the way there for that? There was no conclusion. The whole story could have started on page 299 and it wouldn't have affected anything.

    I also WTF'd each time I saw the word 'trundled' after the third time. WTF was his obsession with that?

    Twilight was filled with WTFs for me.

    WhyTF is Bella wandering around a dark alley all alone?

    WhyTF is Edward sparkling?

    I could go on and on, but I think many of the worthier Wtf moments in Twilight have already been covered.

    In 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood I WTF'd right at the end. She pulled a McCarthy on me! I read the whole way through to find out what happened to Offred and she was all like

    "No one ever knows ;)"

    "******* bull you don't know! You're the author!"

    BQ: When I found out I'd written the wrong math final. Worth 50% of my mark. A bigger WTF followed when they wouldn't allow re-writes due to stupidity. Bigger WTF when I had to shell out to take the course again.

    Enormous WTF a week ago when I realized I didn't remember a thing from the course.

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