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whats a good brand of dog food for a pitbull?

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    anything thats high in protein. APBT's are very active dogs and will need substantial amounts of protein.

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    As a professional, certified Canine Behaviorist I have a few collegues that are PhD's in dog nutrition. There are many rumors set up by expensive dog food brands that are utterly untrue. I don't recommend any one brand but want to let you know the unbiased, unbrainwashed, scientific truth:

    CORN: it IS digestable and a good source of secondary proteins. People assume corn isn't digestable because we see it come out in our own feces. The undigestable part is only the corn kernals hull. If you eat cornbread, you don't see it come out the other end because the hull isn't present in the cornmeal. Same with dog food. You are only getting the mash not the hull. Very good for digestion and keeping things moving because it absorbs slower.

    BYPRODUCTS: This word scares people. Did you know a byproduct means: not for primary use. The government defines a meat byproducts as a secondary organ or piece of meat for which is not the most widely used use. Basically: chicken breast is the most popular part of a chicken. Any other body part (thighs, legs, wings) are byproducts. This mandate is the same for people and dog food labels - but dog food is required to write it on the bag.

    ORGANIC/NATURAL/HOLISTIC: it would be great if this was true. Dog food has NO laws regarding "certified" organic like people food. ANY dog food maker can put that his food is natural or organic. There is no policing, laws, or mandates regarding what is natural/organic/holistic.

    There is so much hype over dog food and brainwashing by companies trying to take advantage of consumers new found fondness for environmently friendly, "green" dog food. I would say for safety sake, stick with food made in the US. Although we have very little mandate regarding what is in food, we have more then any other country.

    One last bit: a triple blind study showed that dog foods labeled "organic" had three times the likelyhood of dangerous levels of harmful bacteria then those not labeled "organic."

    Source(s): 15 years as a Certified Canine Bahaviorist and trainer Close friends with multiple Canine Nutrition and Evolution PhD's
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    A premium brand such as wellness, Innova, taste of the wild, evo, solid gold, holistic select, etc.. Something that is all natural and does not contain any corn product. The key to finding a good dog food is looking at the first 3-4 ingredients they should be meat, vegetables, or fruit, preferably things that you can pronounce.

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    I feed my bullies taste of the wild. Its a great food that is grain free and has no fillers or byproducts.

    Great for active dogs and building muscle!

    You may also try:



    Blue Buffalo


    Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul

    Nutra Nuggest

    Diamonds Naturals

    Any thing that has no fillers like corn, wheat or soy and no by product.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Owner of bully breeds
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    i agree go w/ a 4-6 star, but nothing higher than 27% protein unless the dog is older than a year otherwise the dogs bones will grow too quickly and be weak just like fast growing trees have weak wood (i.e. poplar) and slow growing trees have strong wood (i.e. oak) . the foods on this site are a bit on the pricey side but you'll have a healthier dog. Go w/ one w/o grain.

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    We have an American Bulldog (has pitbull in him) and the only food we found to work for him is Purina's Beneful-healthy radience. He has severe allergies and any other dog food gave him severe room clearing gas. It's not bad on price and comes in big bags (which for us is good considering he eats the biggest bag it comes in all in two weeks)lol

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    The Breed Dosnt matter. I feed my APBT Wellness brand heres a link.

    I use the super5mix the purple bag and it has done wonders for my dogs coat, skin and overall potty health.

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    The same good quality dog food for any other breed.

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    Something high in protein with no fillers like wheats and corn. Acana & origen are good ones they have in canada i'm not sure if they sell them outside of canada. I have my american staffy on acana and he seems to have pretty good muscle definition along with a brisk walk daily.

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    Taste of the Wild

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