Building a ship in blender?

I've been thinking of desgning and building a ship in blender. Not just the outside but the inside as well. I'm probably going WAY over my head with this but I'm playing to make it a full sized ship. This is going to be a massive project. This ain't gonna be no dinky little ship. This is going to be a 10,560 ft long ship (of course it'll be relative...that's just how big I imagine it to be). it will have 100 floors. Of course it won't be all 100 floors in most of the ship just in overall height. Hah this is probably and stupid and crazy project but hey if it works out I might make it so that you can explore the ship by yourself. So what does everyone think? Just to let you know I've done things like this before just not on this scale in blender so I'm not a complete noob when it comes to this.


Oh I've done ships full sized ships a tenth the size of this before and I did it alone. It only took me a month to get the dimensions and the insides about right. But it took 7 months for me to detail it. That's where the work is.

Update 2:

I'd say if I spend most of my free time working on this (which I do anyway) I should be able to complete it in 3 or 4 years. Mind you IF I do end up finishing it, it will be able to navigate it. Doing things on this scale isn't impossible for one man and honestly it would take me longer to do it with a team. I'm a one man team kinda guy. I'd take longer for me to stand over others dictating what they should do then if I just sat down and did it myself.

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    I'm not sure how you expect to build a ship of this size, or where to get the funds for it. Or how your supposed to fit it in a blender? I thought ships were built in bottles on a smaller scale.

    As for building it, I would think there would not be too much information online on how to do such a thing, maybe check around the phone book to see if you can find tradespeople who do this kind of thing, and talk to them about how to get started.

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