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I've got a habit! and a bad one!?

I've recently developed a really bad habit! cracking my nuckles! I can't stop! I don't know how to! any ways to help me stop? I have to stop ! i know you can get athritis and parkinsons disease (when you keep on shaking) so thats why i need to stop! I crack my fingers on porpose but my ankles and toes crack by them selves (can you also tell me why the crack by them selves) and my knees sometimes when i sit down. I NEED THELP! HOW CAN I GET OVER MY HABIT!?!?!?


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    Joint cracking has not been linked to any disease. I've heard the Arthritis myth countless times but the Parkinson's one is also a myth. The reason why your joints unintentionally crack is because when two parts forming a joint are pulled away from each other, the joint capsule increases in volume but the synovial fluid in the capsule no longer fills it all. Gases dissolved in the fluid quickly fill the empty space causing a sharp cracking sound. There's nothing wrong with joint cracking. You won't get Arthritis, Parkinson's, AIDS or any other disease.

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    Just stop.

    Really, its that simple.

    Also, cracking your knuckles does not lead to arthritis.

    Or Parkinsons (I don't have a link to back that one up, but Parkinsons is a neurological disorder that affects the brain, it has nothing to do with your joints.)

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    I found out the other day that cracking your knuckles doesnt actually give u arthritis- the noise is the air popping, not your bones cracking.

    so dont worry, it wont give you arthritis, but still stop yourself from doing it becasue it isnt a particularly nice thing to do!

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    Everything you do is a choice you make.

    If you are aware enough to be conscious of your "bad" habit, you are conscious enough to choose not to do it.

    It's not that you "can't" stop, it's that you "won't'" stop. No one is standing behind you with a gun at you head making you crack your knuckles.

    It is a matter of intent and badly do you want to stop? What are you willing to far are you willing to go?

    Have a friend sit behind you with a cattle prod and zap you with it every time you crack a knuckle.

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    Erm, cracking your knuckles will not give you arthritis or any of that crap. Its never been proven and all you are doing is releasing trapped air between your knuckles. Dont worry about it.

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    well all youve got to do is to have a healthy activities , divert your attentions to a more productive like playing a musical instrument . like guitar. ukelele. playing the keyboard could do some painting , drawing .writing . do computer.

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    Check out this site, it should help

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