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請問heavy touch的正確意思

請問heavy touch的正確意思

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  • Elisa
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    a heavy touch


    For Example:

    There is a heavy touch of American movie making in this film.


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    What book stated wasn't entirely true but it did prompt me to look into different interpretation of this phrase.

    A heavy touch = A heavy/strong meddling

    強烈的干預 (引申自 =>強烈的…手法).

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    IUA says insurers don’t need “heavy touch” approach from FSA.

    There is no justification for a ‘heavy touch'.

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    New broom Turner tries heavy touch.

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    Sir Howard Davies and Sir Callum McCarthy, Turner’s predecessors, had their hands tied by a commitment to “light-touch” regulation that laid down principles but left plenty of scope for the sort of mismanagement that has driven several of Britain’s biggest banks into the hands of the government.

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    Heavy touch = heavy hand = heavy meddling

    重手法, 強烈的干預 (強烈的…手法)


    IUA says insurers don’t need “heavy touch” approach from FSA

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    A new heavy touch?

    Mr Boland said the era of light-touch regulation by government of higher education was drawing to a close.

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    New broom Turner tries heavy touch.

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    Sir Howard Davies and Sir Callum McCarthy, Turner’s predecessors, had their hands tied by a commitment to “light-touch” regulation that laid down principles but left plenty of scope for the sort of mismanagement that has driven several of Britain’s biggest banks into the hands of the government.

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    If you look up the dictionary, you can find different meanings to the word "touch". However, not all of them can be applied with the adjective "heavy" or "soft"


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    Another common usage is describing "the mode of action of the keys of an instrument, as of a piano or typewriter" (鍵盤樂器中擊鍵的) 方式, 技巧.

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    heavy - adjective

    touch - noun.

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    Hi, book

    You have over-estiimated me. I got my information from how it is used by others as you can see from the links I provided.

    This is another article.

    This talks about Miller's style of playing the piano.

    2009-09-20 11:47:33 補充:

    Miller's heavy touch builds power chording to flashing arpeggios. Soon he's laying siege to the 88 keys in quadrants, working his way up the scale emphasizing both single notes and their sympathetic vibrations.

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    By the way, the feeling of heavy touch from the piano could be interpreted as 琴鍵彈出來的音很低沉.

    I am not a musician, but sometimes, tuning may help change the tune. I have to ask my husband about that. He plays violin.

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    重要的是Heavy Touch 用在哪裡。最好還是開板提供整個句子。

  • 1 decade ago

    a heavy touch , 某件事情有著OOXX濃厚(加重、強調)的做法。


    在美國當地的習慣,a heavy touch 的確是有帶有那樣的意味。

  • 科技
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    1 decade ago

    在吵什麼 怎那麼多意見

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  • Joseph
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    1 decade ago

    Trolls are trolls. They obviously lack gray matter in the hollow melons they carry on their shoulders.

    我也同意 "a heavy touch" 聽起來像是「帶有濃郁色彩的」、「有厚重味道的」。但是音樂方面的形容,我也是第一次聽到。謝謝大家的分享。

  • 艾桑
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    1 decade ago

    有關鋼琴 "heavy touch" 的意思,小弟友一點意見提供:

    鋼琴 heavy touch 指的是,琴鍵彈下去要使用較高的力道;簡單來說,新的鋼琴比舊的 heavy touch,因為琴後面的關節都是新的,所以要出比較大的力量彈,也因此鍵盤按下去之後,會馬上彈回來。

    2009-09-23 00:49:12 補充:

    阿灌票的不就是 Claudia 嗎?記得以前已經跟她交手過了...


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    對於自問自答,還有自行貫票(明明只有一個答案,卻有一大堆人投給幽靈候選人,或是明明有更佳的解答,發問者卻不選,明顯有違常理…) 這種經驗真是令人" 搥心肝" ,到底知識怎麼了,沒人管嗎? 那種方式選出的答案還叫知識嗎????

  • book
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    1 decade ago


    Here is an interesting (official)-web-site about the piano's Heavy -Touch:

    Heavy -Touch=

    彈起來很沉重的琴鍵-keyboard ,or , 彈起來沉重的感覺feeling.. ?? or ...??

    How to define it ,here ?

    2009-09-20 09:26:09 補充: 7 foot piano had such *heavy touch*.

    有...彈起來會很沉重的..琴鍵--*heavy touch*.= a keyboard /keyboards?

    ((Because, I saw keyboards' pictures over there .))


    有 ..彈起來....給人沉重的感覺--feeling.?.


    You may be the "First" Scholar who defines it.

    ....Ha ! ...Ha !

  • 1 decade ago


    問題:請問heavy touch的正確意思

    解答:1.笨手笨腳 2.粗心大意 3.粗魯的意思




    Source(s): Claudia
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