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    Night markets,one of the features in Taiwan,play a crucial role in consumption of Taiwanese. The reason why it is so important is that it offers delicious food, entertainment, cheap products, etc...

    Furthermore, it stimulates the local economy and gross income of tourism,so the more diversity of night markets, the more people will come. Hence, The vendors can make money by doing so.

    It also reflects the influence of night markets on students because they would look for night market where is close to their school and stroll with their friends. Not only do students eat delicious food, but also can buy nice things.

    More importantly, people can feel happy when they stroll with their friends.[最後結尾有點看不太懂 所以我幫你強調感覺]

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    The night markets are one of Taiwan characteristic cultures, the night market can have the small space in Taiwan people consumption habit station, is because the night market provides special snack, recreational activity, cheap product and so on. In addition, the night market can also inspire the provincial economy and the sightseeing income, therefore that night city's design plan more multiplies, the human tide also changes many along with it, local night market stall keeper business is better then smoothly gains to one money.

    The night market shows the reaction on students, students seek for them to go study the school nearby night market, strolls the night market together with their friends. Students goes to the night market except to be able to eat the delicious thing and to buy the excellent quality and reasonable in price thing, more importantly in strolls the night market strolls the night market with classmates or friends , therefore strolls the night market not only in the expense, can enjoy with friends stroll the night market

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