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翻譯保密條款~ 急!! (( 20點))



The Employee shall not at any time during or after the employment use, divulge or communicate to or cause or enable any third party(other than any officer or employee of any member of the Group whose province it is to know the same) to become aware of or use, take away, conceal, destroy or retain for his/her own or some other person's advantage or to the detriment of any member of the group any secret, confidential or other information, including but not limited to any of the knowhow or information used or applied or which may be used or applied by the Group in relation to its business or potential business or which the Group has obtained from any third party on terms that restrict its disclosure or use, other confidential technical information, any of the trade secrets, clients' list, accounts, financial or trading information or other confidential or personal information which the Employee may receive or obtain in the course of performing his/her duties under this agreement, provided that the provisions of this Clause shall not apply to (i) any information or material which is in the public domain other than as a result of any unauthorized disclosure and (ii) knowhow of which the Employee(instead of the Employer) is the proprietor.

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    僱員不得在任何時間,期間或之後的就業使用,洩露或傳達,或導致或使任何第三方(除任何人員或僱員的任何成員集團的省份是知道一樣),才發現或使用,拿走,隱匿,銷毀或保留他/她自己或其他人的利益或損害任何成員及本集團任何秘密,機密或其他信息,包括但不限於任何專有技術或信息的使用或應用或可能用於或適用本集團就其業務或潛在的業務或本集團已獲得任何第三方的條件,限制其披露或使用,其他保密的技術資料,任何貿易秘密,客戶名單,帳目,財務或貿易信息或其他機密或個人資料的僱員可能會收到或取得在這一過程中履行他/她的職責,根據這一協議,條件是這條規定不適用於( i)任何資料或材料是在公共領域之外,結果任何未經授權的披露及(ii)專有技術,其中僱員(而不是雇主)是東主。

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