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After Kanye West, Joe Wilson, Serena Williams... why are people so disrespectful nowadays?

People tend to act sometimes like it's only *their* opinion that matters. I don't even want to get into the "town hall" episodes, but look at this video:

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It looked like Taylor Swift was about to cry at the end, I (as a guy) felt heartbroken, and thought someone should've punched Kanye in the face.

What's going on in American society nowadays?

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    Did you see Kanye's "apology"?

    He said Taylor shouldn't have won the award because she isn't "real pop culture" yet every time I turn on the top 40 station a couple of her songs are playing every day.

    He then said Taylor should give Beyonce her award because she didn't deserve it.

    He tried playing the pity card with his mother.

    He also said "BOOOOYAWWWW!!!!" in the apology.............really?

    No class at all.

    I can empathize with Serena, that line judge made a bad call! And Joe Wilson is so 2 days ago :P he's over.

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    Nothing. The only difference between now and 20 years ago is how much of the evil we hear about.The media now reports much of what happens. I do not see how prior generations could have been more moral than today's. They were humans then and we are humans now.

    I do agree that Kanye West deserves a good ball-kick, however.

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  • The problem began in the mid 1970's with militant, anti-gay activist Anita Bryant. She preached that "treat others as you want to be treated" really means "take away the civil rights from law-abiding, taxpaying, gay Americans." Promotion and glorification of this idea continues to the current day with it even taking over the Republican Party. Moreover, you have people claiming to be "pro-life" shooting doctors, committing vandalism and violent acts and harming others with hardly a peep of protest from the anti-choice crowd who claim to be so "moral."

    When you redefine morality and make something evil and wrong such as homophobia or murder into a "family value," you confuse people. It's no wonder so many Americans--young and old-- no longer know the difference between right and wrong when they are told that these immoral activities are loving and moral. Hence you see that horrible behavior rampant in our society today.

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    That was incredibly rude of Kanye West to do that. You could tell by how awkwardly Beyonce reacted that she wasn't pleased about it either.

    It's just celebrity drama though. This isn't really an accurate reflection of American society.

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    The world has always had disrespectful people in it, and I doubt its grown recently. With modern communication, however, we hear about much more of it much more often.

    I hadn't actually seen the video until now. Besides Swift being traumatized, Beyonce looks fairly humiliated at bad behavior being done in her name.

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    nowadays? comeon. Look at the world history!?

    americans disrespecting british in the rev. war and vice versa....

    hitler disrespecting anyone who wasnt "ideal"

    chinese dynasties disrespecting any political speakers opposing them

    disrespect on such a scale is nothing new, its just we have tv now

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    Human nature hasn't changed one whit in over 2000 years.

    Two World Wars prove that.

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    That guy is such an amazing idiot. I don't even know what he is famous for other than being a jacka**.

    I don't think people are any more disrespectful. I think we just hear about it more.

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    the answer is found in proverbs 30/11-14

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    you just snuck this into the R&S sneaky person you.


    yeah, most of them need to shut up...good thing is that he did apologize to Taylor's mom soon afterwards.

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