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Huge shakedown in the WTA Rankings?!?

Updated after the semifinal,Not sure about Kim,probably she'll be No.18 or 19. but for now :

1)Dinara Safina

2)Serena Williams

3)Venus Williams

4)Svetlana Kuznetsova(+1)

5)Elena Dementieva(-1)

6)Caroline Wozniacki(+2)

7)Vera Zvonareva

8)Jelena Jankovic(-3)

9)Victoria Azarenka

10)Flavia Pennetta

11)Ana Ivanovic

12)Nadia Petrova(+1)

13)Agnizeska Radwanska(-1)

14)Samantha Stosur(+1)

15)Marion Bartoli(-1)

16)Virginie Razzano(+2)

17)Dominika Cibulkova(-1)

18)Amelie Mauresmo(-1)

19)Yanina Wickmayer(+31)

20)Daniela Hantuchova(+4)

I have some confusion about the rankings.

1)How the hell does Ivanovic manage to stay at No.11 despite her wacked out results as of late,especially when she exited in the 1st round of the USO?!

2)So how many points did Safina lose from the USO? So she is still at No.1?

3)What do you think about the new rankings? Any surprises for you?


mexican : Not sure about Li Na,but list has been modified after the semis only,may not be that accurate. But i think she has dropped out of the top 20? To make space for Hantuchova and Wickmayer,she was originally ranked No.19.

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    1 1 Safina, Dinara

    2 2 Williams, Serena

    3 3 Williams, Venus

    4 6 Kuznetsova, Svetlana

    5 4 Dementieva, Elena

    6 8 Wozniacki, Caroline

    7 7 Zvonareva, Vera

    8 5 Jankovic, Jelena

    9 9 Azarenka, Victoria

    10 10 Pennetta, Flavia

    11 11 Ivanovic, Ana

    12 13 Petrova, Nadia

    13 12 Radwanska, Agnieszka

    14 15 Stosur, Samantha

    15 14 Bartoli, Marion

    16 18 Razzano, Virginie

    17 16 Cibulkova, Dominika

    18 19 Li, Na

    19 NR Clijsters, Kim

    20 17 Mauresmo, Amelie

    21 24 Hantuchova, Daniela

    22 50 Wickmayer, Yanina


    27 31 Sharapova, Maria

    Theres the real rankings..


    1.) I have no idea how Ivanovic is always ranked 11 EVERY week, its like everyone is revoloving around her, its crazy.

    2.) last year safina made it to the semis, so she lost maybe a couple hundred points, nothing major Im guessing..

    3.) Im only really surprised about Kuznetsova moving up to 4, other than that nothing major changed besides Jankovic moving down 3 spots, Wozniacki moving up a few spots,

    glad Clijsters in the top 20. :)

  • This is great, I mean Kuzy is in the top 4 again! Hooray, but Dementieva got screwed, she had SUCH a tricky draw. Ivanovic is still 11 because she sucked in last years Open too, so she didn't loose to much. Unfortunately Safina is still number 1 (her reign is does, I mean c'mon, it was done after she lost the French Open). What I'm kind of shocked about, it how the likes of Sharapova, Schiavone, and Li are not in here! But it's pretty fair. Where is Oudin? Anyways, I think the top 4 is wrong. Why is Venus still up so high, she has had a horrible season! The truth is, she should be out, Elena should be in, and maybe even Caroline, replacing a out of form Safina. Also, I'd think Pennetta would jump Azarenka, but that's minor. I also thought Cibulkova (who's injured her ribs) and Mauresmo are still in here! Thank God Jankovic is getting out of the top 8 soon. She's horrible! I'm happy for Wickmayer, and I know that Clijsters will be in there too. Why did Razzano move up two spaces for losing in the first round? Wickmayer, who beat her should be above her..


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    You don't lose points, other players just move ahead of you when they gain more points.

    I like the fact Sam Stosur is at #14 and im also glad Hantuchova is back into the top 20 where she belongs. Well done to Wickmayer, lets just hope she can keep playing at the top quality.

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    It looks exactly the freaking same. Did this US Open mean anything??

    Even though Serena did that messed up thing, she should be number one. She obviously has been more consistent, she lost in the semifinals which is pretty good compared to Safina.

    AHhhh.. I believe that Sharapova should be #20. Clijsters #19. And who cares about the rest? Theyre just going to be inconsistent.

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    where is Li Na?????

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