What is the range of a 10 bit binary number?

What is the maximum?

What is the minimum?


Please explain so I can understand

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    for 10 bit binary number



    for n bit binary number

    range: 0 to 2^n-1 (total combination= 2^n)

    for example: n=3

    range: 0 to 7 (i.e. 2^3-1)

    while total combination=2^3=8









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    Largest Binary Number

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    That depends on how the number is stored. If it's an unsigned integer, it will be 1024 (0 - 1023) Twos complement notation will have the same range but different min (-512) and max (511)

    If the number is in floating point notation, the range is no longer meaningful, but the precision is the key measurement.

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    All correct answers so far, just wanted to share how you can get a qwk answer with most any calculator.

    The answer is 2 to the power of 10, which yields 1024 (so, 0 - 1023 ....if unsigned integer)

    In notation that's 2^10 ... use your windows calculator...use 'View' > 'Scientific'. Look for the x^y key....

    Enter '2', then hit x^y key, enter 10, click '=' ...you're there.

    What is the range for a sixteen bit int? 2^16 =65536...so, it is 0 thru 65535.

    How bout 32 bit? Easy now, right? :-) cheers...

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    0b0000000000 == 0

    0b1111111111 == 1023

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