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Is Nazarbayev Kazakhstan's president, a good president?

I am participating on a UN model next month and im the delegate of Kazakhstan, but i want to know some more information about kazakh ideologies and public opinions, like is nazarbayev a good president? how is kazakh lifestyle?? whats your opinion of iraq, afghanistan and some other terrorist countries? and any other public opinion from kazakh people

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Kazakhstan has had a complicated history, with the current population about 60% Kazakh, 25% Russian, and the rest composed of 250 minority groups such as Ukrainians, Germans, Greeks, and Koreans. There are two powerful views among the people of Kazakhstan regarding their history: 1) <Kazakhs were backward savages before contact with Russia and couldn't defend themselves against enemies, and were exposed to culture and progress by Russian Empire and Soviet Union, when industries were established, schools, roads, and city infrastructure were built>; and 2) <Kazakhs were free and proud nomadic warriors, with a democratically elected government (Khan, and council of Biys) controlling a network of ancient Silk Road cities, while Russian and Soviet colonization which started in 1731 brought a totalitarian regime, a lot of hunger and death, nuclear and ecological contamination of land.> What President Nazarbayev managed to do is to unite these two opposing views into a working system of government, and to maintain peace between these two completely divergent groups of Kazakhstan's citizens. The post of President of Kazakhstan is a difficult one to hold, and requires a lot of patience, compromise and careful decision making. That is the reason why Kazakhstan promotes ethnic and religious harmony on the domestic and international stage, and has built the Pyramid of Peace and Concord in the capital city of Astana.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i have heard nothing bad about kazakhstan .. so i am going to say he is a good president or else long gone would khazak ppl be called terrorists like pakistani ppl

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