whats your opinion on citizens bank?

i opened up a student savings and checking account

theres no monthly fees or balance minimums.

i know about the overdraft fees but i have the block set up.

i keep great track of my balance in both accounts

am i still gonna get "robbed by them"?

how do you feel about citizens?

if it makes a difference of the state im talking MA

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure how you might think they would "rob" you, even if that was something they wanted to do. Your account types specify no monthly maintenance fee or minimum balance requirements, so as long as you keep enough money in there to cover all your withdrawals, there isn't an exposure to being "robbed".

    Now, they can change the terms on these accounts in the future, but they will have to give you adequate notice so you can prepare for that or move your account if you want. So read everything they send you in the mail.

    Also, try not to draw on deposits you make right away (though sometimes you just have to). If someone gives you a bad check and it comes back, the bank will hit you with a fee for that (which you can legally collect from the bad check writer later) and if it overdraws you, you could get hit with overdraft fees. Checks clear very quickly now, so if you can give them 2 or 3 business days for the deposited check to get through the system, you shouldn't have problems.

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