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What's the difference between Sertraline HCL and sertraline h?

I have always taken sertraline hcl (yellow, tannish pill) and in the last 2 weeks, ive been taking sertraline h (blue pill). I have noticed recently im more down on myself dreading things, is this my imagination?

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    You should call and ask your psychology/psychiatrist. I am sure they are much more able to help you than any of us are. Although, I do take Setraline H (generic name for Zoloft), and I am not sure if there really is a difference. But it is better to be safe and check with a doctor.

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    It's the same thing. Most sertraline pills come in Hcl form (hydrochloride). That only means that the sertraline compounds are binded to the hydrochloride which acts as a binding agent so people can consume it.

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    The blue one may be 50 mg and the yellow is 100 mg. I think you are taking a lower dose!

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