How can I quickly and dramatically lower my high blood pressure?

My psychiatrist told me that if my blood pressure stays high he will not want to prescribe my Adderall anymore. Thing is, I've always had high blood pressure, it aint the Adderall doc. But he says he has a hard time prescribing it when it tends to increase blood pressure. I have two days til my next visit with him to fix this. I still smoke, I still drink, I still eat salty food...what's a boy to do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The best answer is to change your lifestyle. But that's too obvious and it's not going to help you much in two days.

    Have you heard of slow breathing? A few minutes of deep relaxation with slow breathing will drop your blood pressure dramatically. People report reductions up to 30 points over 10 after just 15 minutes.

    But you need to do it right. It's not just a matter of doing some deep breathing exercises, which will probably just increase your pressure. Check out the articles below for some detailed instructions.

    Better yet, you can download tracks of something called "slow breathing with music". It relaxes you and guides your breathing in the way that lowers blood pressure. You can put it in an mp3 player and use while waiting for your appointment. You'll be getting the full reductions by the time the doctor sees you.

    The results of slow breathing will be only temporary. But if you get into a routine and do it regularly you will get lasting blood pressure reductions.

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    5 years ago

    You just answered your own question!!! No smoking, no beer/ale, no booze, no drugs, no junk food, no fast food garbage & no sugary sweet soda's. Get on a good, healthy diet, including plenty of boiled or steamed vegetables. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices & fat free milk to help keep the traffic flowing. Snack on lots of RAW fruit & veggies. Get up one hour early every morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk - then - do the same thing again in the evening after dinner. Within 90 days you will be amazed. NO CHEATING!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    stop or lower u-r bad habits homeboy get you a 10-15 minute nap that might help it lower you blood down some.

    I know cause theres a dude that goes on therapy w/me and they always put a nub on his mouth to go raa sleeeeepp!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    The intake of cocoa helps to control high blood pressure.

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