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In order fora democratic or a democratic republic to "work" its citizens must be informed? WHY!?!?!?

also what are the weaknesses of democracy? how is the current situation with health care reform both an example of the weakness and strength of a democratic republic? plzz help thanks

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    Because the people vote. If the voters aren't informed then the republic is up a creek.

    The weakness of democracy is that we let ill informed people vote, but it's still better than not allowing certain people to vote.

    There's a lot of ill informed people making up rumors (but some have genuine concerns) about health care. That's the weakness, but the strength is that they still have the right to voice their concerns.

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    Weaknesses of democracy.

    1.Misinformation If people believe that a candidate for a position was formerly involved in a drug scandal and they were really not, then people would not want to vote for them because or misinformation.

    2.Assumptions- ex. Well of course giving a company that is going out of business billions of taxpayer's dollars we don't have is a good idea. Oops, that didn't work, ummm... how about we do it again, maybe it will work the second time?

    3. Lies- ex. I want to go to war, but the senate doesn't hmm. "they have weapons of mass destruction!" (that were taken away from them months ago by the UN) TECHNICALLY I'm not lying, so everything will be fine.

    4. Corruption- Nixon, need I say more?

    5. Stupidity- Giving the people the power to spend money on whatever they want won't be a problem when 90% of everything is made in china.Even though U.S. goods are more expensive, they'll buy American and then the economy will be fixed (11 trillion dollars in debt later) Maybe that wasn't a good idea

    6. Greed-Hmm, Candidate 1 will run the country well, bring us out of debt, and get rid of terrorists. But candidate 2 will give out money to bums who don't work like me!

    Source(s): Many of these examples ore hypothetical and not all actually happened. I am not for any particular political party except common sense.
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    If one doesn't have the real facts, one is unable to form a relevant decision concerning them...

    EVERYONE in Washington...and on the news, too....blows out so much smoke that it is becoming even more difficult to figure out what's true or not. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but no one seems to know the complete story...on EITHER side.

    Our "news" reporters have stopped being "news" reporters...and give whatever version of the truth the network owners tell them to give...

    Our politicians are corrupt to the last man.... and the election system we have forces them to be that way....we need campaign reform so that they are not so dependent on money to run their races....which make EVERY one of them "beholden" to some donor...

    It would be nice to be able to hold all politicians and newspeople accountable for each and every word....but we can't do that....else they'd all be in jail....and the politicians would be so busy trying to defend themselves that they'd get even less accomplished than they're doing now...

    I don't know......maybe it is time for a different way of government....this one seems to be SO NOT WORKING!

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    Modern democratic republic is another word for Socialist just look at easy Germany in 1960 (Democratic Republic of Germany)

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    The weakness of democracy, is it starts to fail when people realize they can by voting, they can get a bigger slice of the pie.

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    "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

    Samuel Adams

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    i think this may be a homework question....

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