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Why did so many African nations fail to build a stable and fair republic?

With some exceptions, (Senegal and South Africa) Africa has a really poor track record in establishing fair, stable, and democratic governments. Why is that? Is it due to poor leadership which does not set a good example for future generations. If the first few leaders are not fair and decent leaders, then future leaders will only try to seize power, at least that is what I think. Or does it have to do with the lack of a large middle class?

What do you think?


Well, perhaps what I meant in my question was why were they unable in comparison to, say, the United States when it was founded. What was the key difference that lead to the US having stability.

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    1) Geography and Climate: Poor soil, inhospitable landscapes, deserts, rain forests, unnavigable rivers and a climate of extremes with great shifts in drought and subsequent famine..

    2)History: Like the "New World", Africa was and, to a large extent, still is a land of tribes, and tribal cultures. The "nations" that were founded by colonizing Europeans were arbitrary borders, more often than not making fellow "citizens" out of ancient enemies.

    3) Economic/political: Until less than a century ago, African nations were ruled by exploiting foreigners who had a very vested interest in maintaining tribal divisiveness and disenfranchisement of indigenous peoples. This gave them free reign to exploit resources for the foreign markets while doing nothing for the development of the "countries".

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    You are being rather rhetorical here. You have answered the question in your question.

    In general, however, most AU African economies are based on decolonisation impoverishment from those who had used, exploited then departed. The legacy have been lukewarm, government and educational institutions, infrastructural developments, which have been established have served its colonialist functionality prior to the colonisers departure.

    The white man's burden in Europe today has been sown through the colonisation periods of yesteryear, in the yesteryear, the black man's burden was indeed subservience to the white man imperialist.

    The lack of cohesive infrastructure and political stability from the departing exploiter has left its indelible legacy upon the anarchic 'realities' for the nascent African political masters of today. Coupled with the natural disasters and militarily anarchic elements the AU is persistently weakened by the lack of cohesion and competitiveness of third world level nations for scarce and limited underdeveloped resources.

    Even with realpolitiks at play the political ideological underpinnings in African Union politics is based upon self determination and self actualisation that can only come about with a nations wealth generation, economic stability, health improvements, infrastructure developments and improvements and a generally happy citizenry. If this exists then the measure of ones success is measured by the happiness of its people.

    Source(s): Oh, just some personal observations of my own.
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    In africa, you have the strong and the weak. The strong stay strong, the weak stay weak. The strong have money to buy guns and bombs to keep the weak in line so the weak have no rights and no means to move out from their present situation. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a realistic way to stop this.

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    It has to do with the herd mentality, there are millions of people in Africa, more than enough to overthrow their government with just spears and machetes and put a leader in they want. They are waiting for someone else to do it for them.

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    It is because of the tribal mentality that is so strong in Africa

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    Because those countries are so corrupt.

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