There was this horror movie I saw about girls who lived in a campus and they were cocktail servers...?

and best friends then they killed a girl- they put her in a coffin and then the girl tried to haunt them and kill them. Anybody know what the movies called? i never saw the title=/

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    A campus and a coffin remind me of this one:

    The Haunting of Sorority Row (2007 TV movie)

    IMDb synopsis:

    A college freshman (Leighton Meester) suspects there is something sinister about the prestigious sorority to which she decided to pledge. She comes to find out that there is a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a pledge from the previous year.Too many questions and strange happenings add quite a twist to this tale.

    IMDb review: ***SPOILERS***

    Interesting but very predictable movie about revenge from beyond the grave that creates havoc in this super-secret and snobbish collage sorority house. It turns out that one of the member of the sorority-Jenna Thorn-had to spend the night locked in a coffin in order to qualify to become a full member. This led Jeanna to die of acute shock when the very claustrophobic young girl ended up dying of fright! Or did she? Samantha Willows is all over the place in trying to find out who's murdering her sorority sisters. This is when Samantha and her college roommate, Jane, find out that the sisters in the sorority are being killed because they had something to do with Jenna's disappearance a year earlier. The four members of the sorority who were involved in Jenna being entombed suspect that it's her boyfriend Colin who's the person trying to hunt them down and do them in for what they did to his fiancée. Samantha gets to the bottom of this mystery with the help of her boyfriend Oliver, who's a strong believer in the supernatural. In uncovering the killer and the reason for his/her actions doesn't help those responsible as the deaths and disappearances continued.

  • is that the one with megan fox?

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