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Tokio Hotel Family?? Help!!!!?

ok, do any of you know if Georg Listing has a girlfriend? :(

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    Yep, Georgs got a girl friend:)

    Here's the interview:

    Tokio Hotel is back! In an interview with Bravo the guys talk about their appearance, their famous friendships and new love!

    All’s new at Tokio Hotel. 2.10 finally, the new album “Humanoid” will be released and the new single “Automatisch” on 18.9. But when we met Bill (19), Tom (19), Gustav (20) and Georg (22) in Hamburg, it’s quickly clear: Not only the sound of the band is fresh. What have the boys changed and which of them is in love � we’ll tell you …

    BRAVO: Bill, you’re the meaning of “big star” …

    Bill: Yeah, I am now 1,90m tall, about 2 cm taller than Tom (laughs).

    BRAVO: How's it going with your comeback?

    Bill: I don't feel that it was a comeback, we were working all the time. But we are very nervous about how our fans will take the songs.

    BRAVO: Did you get rid of your beloved dreadlocks. Are you sad about this?

    Bill: It was bad for him.

    Tom: No, that’s not true.

    Bill: But he was extremely nervous. He wanted to get rid of the dreadlocks, but thought long about it. It was really hard for him. I then had to convince him to get his hair colored.

    BRAVO: Bill now has dreadlocks, glasses for Gustav, Georg looks just like he always did …

    Tom (laughing): Soon he’ll get a new hairstyle for his pubic hair.

    Georg: Exactly, shave in a few flames (laughs).

    BRAVO: In the meantime, you're also stars in the USA... Do you have friends in the US who are famous?

    Bill: It was very cool to meet Jay-Z. We had a nice evening with him � together in Los Angeles, we ate and drank. It was very relaxing.

    BRAVO: What about Miley Cyrus?

    Bill: Really cool. We met her at the Video Music Awards. Miley is a real whirlwind. When someone is tired, she’ll bring him out of it.

    BRAVO: Tom, you had a fling with Chantelle of Flipsyde. Was it something serious?

    Tom: She is an extremely nice girl, but apart from that it’s nothing serious. I’m simply not the type to waste a lot of time on a relationship.

    BRAVO: Which one of you is in love?

    Georg: I have a girlfriend. We're together for half a year. She's not famous and would not want to become so. I met her in Magdeburg and now it seems to be a big love. The boys like her too.

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    Not a TH family but yeah, he has a girlfriend. He's been in love for like almost a year I think.. It's in one of the interviews.

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    It was in the interview that someone else posted.

    He's been with her for like 6 months.

    My friend told me at school.

    Rawr ;)

    I guess it's alright as long as he's happy.

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    he does, he's had one for like 6 months i think. maybe a little bit longer or a little bit shorter

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