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If the Nazis were almost the whole of Germany, Ya think maybe there's a valid reason for them hating the Jews?

I mean.......sure Hitler was wacko............but didn't all of Germany take part in the war???????

For so many people to be a part of it, there's bound to be some valid matter how harsh or unsubstantiated it might sound!

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    Germany in the 1930/40's was not the first time Jews have been ran out of a country for attempting to run it into the ground. Its happened almost 100 documented times in history.

    If you listen to the "Chosen people" they act like their group was drawn at random out of a hat by Hitler to be the scapegoat for Germany's troubles.

  • Lauren
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    Modern Nazis don't have the power or numbers to get away with atrocities. Most of them today may even be reasonable people, but if the group became much larger, they would take in many hotheads and probably end up just as unreasonable as the Nazis headed up by Adolph Hitler. Frankly, I don't see why anyone wants to be a Nazi or KuKluxKlan member today, unless he is against a certain race, and uses that to fulfil his need to feel superior to others. I can't see any economic proposals, etc. that stand out above all other parties, so the only real reason to be Nazi or KKK is the unique approach to your fellow human beings. Underneath what you might say publicly is your apparent need to use your hate of others to energize yourselves. There are better ways to do that. Assuming that we all came from the original life form that qualified as human, we are all related. It makes no sense to form parties for the purpose of hating your very distant relatives. Well, since they look much like you, they are not really that distant, but the original humans do go back a long way. Still, educate them equally today, and they grow up to be much the same regardless of race.

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    Some Jews were wealthy while a world wide depression was going on . Hitler used these few wealthy people to scapegoat the rest of the Jewish people .

    It is really an issue about those who have money and those who do not . When economic scales tip and become unbalanced the situation can open a door for evil people such as Hitler . Who actually also blamed Gypsies and all people of color as well as some Christian religions such as the Jehovah Witness's who refused to go to war for his cause .

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    Jews were hated in Europe for a long time before the Nazi regime which is sad because nobody should hate nobody for there race or beliefs by the way not ever germany was a nazi some people were forced to

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  • chukki
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    German nationalists that called themselves Nazi's were coerced by Hitler and his followers. If they showed any sympathy toward Jews, homosexuals or any other non-Aryan, they would be victimized themselves into camps and ghettos, or worse yet shot and killed.

    A majority of the Holocaust victims were Jews. There were also many other groups of people that were singled out by Hitler that also were murdered.

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    Very few of them were. The rest of them were cowardly sheep, except for the liberals who thumbed their noses at the fugging pigs and got sent to the camps right along with the Jews.

    A lot of right-wingers try to trivialize the Holocaust by pretending that the left is using genocide to prevent phony fundie "Christians" from making their blasphemy the national religion. There is just such a moronic asshole right here on this page, in one of the answers that follow mine. These people are no different from OBL and his perversion of Islam into another "gospel of hate."

    Left-wing Christians, on the other hand, want to keep their religion pure by keeping the government's nose—and its money—out of their business. The government's nose (and not its brown nose, either) belongs in corporations, not in churches.

    Tough sh!t, Warren. You're outnumbered by thinking people today. Go watch Rush or listen to Dobson.

    Source(s): Same fugging sh!t when Bush was dictator. The sheep called anyone with a backbone "unpatriotic." After being reformed after the war as the German Federal Republic, they wisely seemed to take extreme care not to fall back into conservative politics, instead becoming a social democracy.
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    The Nazis won elections, but they never won a majority of their electorate.

    But yes, there was a huge anti-semetic under current in Germany. That just proves people hated Jews. It does not establish that there was a valid reason for doing so.

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    No sane HUMAN thinks murdering millions of people had a valid reason.

    No ALL of Germany took part; and not all who took part did so willingly.

    That millions of people were deluded doesn't make the delusions valid. They're still delusional.

    Are you saying the Earth doesn't spin and orbit the sun?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm not sure what your looking for in this question. Jews were hated in Europe long before the Nazis showed.

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    1 decade ago

    You are suggesting that if lots of people adopt an ideology, it must be a logical idea? Where does that logic come from?

    That logic would imply that because all 800 of the Jonestown, Guyana cultists who committed suicide at the command of a mad man, there must have been a valid reason to do so.

    You need to inventory your skull and see if you have any brains left.

    Source(s): I suppose that if only a minority of Jonestown cultists had killed themselves, THEN it might not have been a good idea. Majority opinion has nothing to do with validity of the opinion.
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    Hitler was a fag and his failure as a ladies man made him an angry little man. His stupid mustache did not help him any. He needed a good *** kicking and a hard slap to knock the fire out of him. It is a shame that people feared that little wimp.

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