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Is it okay to hit a woman in self-defense?

I know it's frowned upon in our society to strike a woman. I'm not misogynist, but I'm not a fool either. The last guy I saw do that I tuned him up good. Meanwhile, I've encountered more than my share of passive-aggressive females in my life. It seems they're allowed to misbehave in our society, yet when I get them back inline, I'm a male chauvinist pig. I've even been accused of sexual assault before. When I worked at Home Depot a young drama queen went to the human resources department playing the classic damsel in distress and gave her sob story that I raped her in the break room. Luckily, there was a camera there that proved she was lying like a snake the whole time. It made no difference because I was guilty until proven innocent. I left after I became a pariah there. When you're accused of something like that, it makes no difference what the verdict is. The damage is already done. Three days ago, some girl I worked with was being nasty and belligerent. Recently, I've started studying tai chi. It's helped me stay balanced and use violence only as a last resort. She was making all sorts of nasty comments to me and copping a major attitude. You have no idea how hard it was for me to practice restraint. Finally, I told her, "I hope you don't act this way around your kids." Then she gets defensive and complains to the manager. I told him my side of the story, and luckily he made her apologize to me. I almost got in trouble for being honest after she finally crossed the line. If she assaulted me physically, I'm wondering if I'd get fired or arrested for attacking a woman. I believe I have every right to defend myself. So here is what I want to know. Is it acceptable to hit a woman if it's in self-defense? Or am I supposed to "take it like a man." You be the judge.

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    unfortunately you have some unruley bit@hes out there who have no sense or just werent brought up right. for some reason they are drawn to you like a magnet. im glad you are in a program that teaches self defense but also balance. with this you should know well how to handle yourself physically when approched by someone less powerful than you, even if theyre aggressive and out of their minds, you dont have to whack them in the face to defend yourself, you can use some kind of manuver to physically keep them at bay from you without causing harm to them. my advice is dont engage with their idiousity (excuse my spelling) step away from their rantings, and dont give them the power to make you angry, thats what they want. theryre controlling you that way. just stay away from those bit@hes. i promise you there are many other women out there who are kind and respectful.

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    A man has a right to hit a woman in self-defense just as a woman does to a man. But before you respond physically, make sure to consider walking away. Walking away from a physical confrontation without hurting the other person is a very satisfying feeling.

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    HAHAHA, no dude, Not run and cry, So what if a tiny (yea rof your size) chick hits you. It's not like she's gonna give you any damage :D It's all about attitude. And from your post it appears that the girls know this. You say some hit you slap you and smile cos they know you aint' gonna do nothin'. And yet she maybe expects you to react by a physical manner. But you're smarter AND better than that. What you need to do is answer with the same attitude. Take the 'hit' ..hahhaa... and no matter the circumstances, just grin. GRIN like a f-in pathetic fly landed on your shoulder or like a mosquito bit you on the cheek. It's all about that attitude, So the answer is No, don't hit a girl. Show her with your expression and mimics, wordless that what she did and the deed itself is worthless. A respectful lady wouldnt do such a thing.

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      Inherent right to self defense you use equal or lesser force to protect yourself or others from an aggressor it is not wise to let anyone just hit you most of the time if you refuse to react they will just continue the behavior

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    You can defend yourself but it must be within reason. Only do what is needed to get clear of the person. Push them or hit once or twice to get the room you need to get out of the area. Then report it to the police as soon as possible. 9 times out of 10 in a one versus the other incident the police take the side of the person who called 911.

    You are not allowed to hit someone in the back or after they are on the ground. That is no longer considered self defense.

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    Never ever strike a woman for any reason. It is wrong. Self defense can be as hindering as an arm lock or choke hold but never hit a female.

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    Yes, you have every right to hit back. Some of these answers are misleading. They don't seem to acknowledge how the law is biased against men. If a woman hits a man, she must have had good reason. If a hits a woman, he's a lowlife scum woman-beater. Huge double standard promoted by feminism.

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    It should certainly be permissible to hit a woman in self-defense. You should not have to put up with being hit and not hit back.

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    Yes it is ok to hit a woman in self-defense.

    Man enough to hit, man enough to be hit.

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    Unless she has a gun or knife, no.

    You shouldn't hit a woman even if she does deserve it.

    Get away from an aggressive woman quick using the minimal force necessary.

    Get to some place public if you can, you'll need witnesses.

    Call the police.

    • Misa go to hell. you have every right to hit a person in self defense if that woman deserves to get hit..she'll get hit. we need to bring a *** whooping back in our soctey so people can be more civilize and i know you well understand. if your a third world feminism i lost hope for ya

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