Why did Buddhism become the dominant religion of Asia but phased out of India? Did the Hindus copy the Buddha?

Also, if you know this subject, please explain:

Which came first Buddhism or The Gita?

Did Hindus phase out Buddhism?

Do Indians respect the Buddha?

Why do Indians promote Islam over Buddhism?


S, I have seen often Indian leaders and movie stars etc only talk about Hindus, Muslims and Christians in their speeches ... even after your attacks by Muslims on 26/11. They never include Buddhists ... never. Also I read an article that Hindus were upset that Buddha was against the caste system and so I believe the Brahmeens tried to get rid of the Hindus. Also many people believe that the Gita was written after Buddhism in order to revive Hinduism. Please do not insult me for no reason for these are very valid questions.

Update 3:

I mean this article shows that the Brahmeens tried to phase out Buddhism. I am not taking sides, I am just curious :)


Update 4:

Thanks everyone for your great answers! Also Dharma I'm not sure what you mean but I am not speaking against Hinduism and would never do so. Ever since my close friend introduced me to these eastern religions I am very fascinated. I did not mean any disrespect. Another user called Kathmandu posted this link and so I wanted to see what other Indians thought about it. Thanks for your detailed answer .. wow! you know a lot :)

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    I can feel a queer familiar curiosity in this question but it's strange why this curiosity is today speaking against Hinduism.

    First of all, Let me tell you one thing that there was a long history of Hinduism literature before Geeta. Geeta is very new in comparison of old texts of Vedas and the Vedas themselves. It is often told that all theory of Karma and rebirth is copied and pasted from Buddhism.

    I think even Buddha will cry to read what you wrote.

    Here are a few lines from Rigvedas of "NasadiyaSookta" that proves Karma theory of Hinduism.

    "Kaamstadgre Samvartataadhi manaso Reta: prathamam Yadaseet |"

    "The ancient Karma amount that was present in his heart determined him to create this world again because it was needed to be compensated."

    "Bhadram Bhadram kratumasmaasu dhehi"

    "O God! Bless us with the Gyan and Krama of peace and the determination of welfare"


    "Kurnneehveh Karmaani jijeevesheecchchhatam Samaa:"

    "May the Human live upto 100 years by doing his Karma"

    I hope you are not in the illusion that Buddha came before Vedas.

    Also the Mahabharata that occurred before Buddha gives the proof of karma in Hindu philosophy.

    when Bheeshma asked Krishna why he was there on arrow bed, Krishna replied in our 101th birth you had thrown a snake on the acia tree that kept groaning for 18 days and your those karma are being compensated now.

    Krishna told Jara that even he is not free from the bound of Karma. In previous birth Jara was Bali and killed by Ram behind the tree so the Karma of Rama has been compensated in this birth.


    In the same way, Buddhism also came from Hinduism it is true. It is the branch of Hinduism which is being practiced by a large number of people. That is why people started calling it "a religion" otherwise it is merely a branch of Vedic Philosophy like the following philosophies.

    1)नास्तिक दर्शन (nastik darshan)

    2)वैशेषिक दर्शन (vaisheshik darshan)

    3)न्याय दर्शन (nyay darshan)

    4)सांख्य (saankhya)

    5)योग दर्शन (Yog darshan)

    6)पूर्वमीमांसा दर्शन (poorva meenasa darshan)

    7)उत्तरमीमांसा दर्शन (uttar meemansa darshan)

    8)अद्वैतवाद (adwaitwaad)

    9)विशिष्टाद्वैतवाद (vishishtadwaitwaad)

    10)द्वैतवाद (dwaitwaad)

    11)द्वैताद्वैतवाद (dwaitadwaitwaad)

    12)शुद्धाद्वैतवाद (shuddhadwaitwaad)

    13)अचिन्त्यभेदाभेद्वाद (achintyabhedabhedwaad)

    14)शैव दर्शन (shaiv darshan)

    15)पाशुपत दर्शन (paashupat darshan)

    16)प्रत्यभिज्ञा दर्शन (pratyabhigya darshan)

    17)शिवाद्वैत (shivadwait)

    18)लिकुलीश पाशुपत दर्शन (likuleesh paashupat darshan)

    19)शक्ति दर्शन (shakti darshan)

    20)लोकायत दर्शन (चार्वंक दर्शन)(lokayat darshan or charvank darshan)



    1)If you understand the gist of Nasadiya sookta from Vedas. The creation of whole Srishti is based on Karmic Theory.

    2)The term "Brahminism" doesn't exist. Actually the word like Brahminist and Manuwadi were invented by some Harijan and Buddhist who has some ancient grudges against the Brahmins like Pushyamitra Shunga and Adhya Shankaracharya.

    3)And finally i reject the theory regarding the age of Vedas, Geeta and Krishna. It is totally cooked up. Sorry to say this but it is totally cooked up and the conclusions those were brought out of this theory are also forged that can't be trusted. Upanishadas, Aryanyakas or the Brahmins(scriptures) are filled with the karmik theory and they had been compiled before the arrival of Buddha. I think you should also read some ideas of Indian thinker regarding the age of Geeta and Vedas like Bal Gangadhar Tilak . "It is not wise to build your views by reading the western theories on the history of the east"

    Also i want to add one thing here that Buddha didn't search anything, He just catered the Vedic philosophy before those who were kept seperated from this and those who were understood unworthy for this in a simple and easily understandable way. Later like other philosophies, Budhism can also be seen entangled in Tantra or thinking Buddha as a God like Hindu Philosophy.

    A few shlokas from Vedas those support the higher level of Mukti than heaven and hell:-

    1)"Ya It Tadwiduste amritatwmaanashu"

    "Those who becomes aware of Brahm(the essence of Veda), gets the Moksha finally"

    2)"Tamev vidwaan na vibhaay mrityo:"

    "Having known your spirit or soul, the man does't feel afraid of death"

    meaning of a few lines that prove that rebirth and karma was also present in Vedas.

    1)Gagyanoshthatha Yajamaan ! May you get rid of the sins of this birth and previous birth and become a pure soul."

    2)"Soul never degrade or upgrade. It travels here and there in many forms. It sometimes wears many clothes(body) and sometimes different. IT continuously roams in this earth and other Loks(like heaven, Pitri lok and others) until it doesn't get Moksha.

    Sorry if you felt hurt but I am against those biased scholars who were pledged to occur all Vedic events between 8000 years because of the history of Bible and unfortunately most of them are western becasue of their egos, they didn't give justice to our religion.

    Moreover, Brahmins never did anything wrong agaist Buddhism. Buddhism was started by a Kshatriya and the Granths were compiled by many Brahmins. It is a false prapogation. Brahmins like Kalhana praised Buddhism a lot in their books. And the cruelty of Pushyamitra Shunga is also not apporved by many historians. Addhya Guru ShanakraCharya converted Buddhist by lots of spiritual debates. When they conceded their defeat and accepted Hinduism again.

    Jai Shri RAM!!

    Source(s): Please chech this link too. http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ah...
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  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    India is in Asia , so as Japan, China & Korea. So Buddhism originates in Asia & spreadsout through Asia but not in India because Hinduism was already there when Buddhism was born. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in the Middle East but today, there are not alot of Christians in the Middle Eastern countries but Jews & Muslims. How would you understand that?

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    Buddhism has never been a stronghold in India, because Hindus believed and accepted "Buddha" as the savior and great personality. So Hinduism embraced Buddhism and absorbed it.

    But during the time of King Ashoka, Buddhism as a separate religion got fame. As Ashoka accepted it, and sent Buddhists to all parts of country and world to convert others. While some people of India accepted Buddhism, yet many didn't because they were already worshiping Buddha in Hinduism.

    Then came Shankaracharya, Shankaracharya debated with Buddhists all over India and defeated all, his weapon was the Vedas. He clearly rejected the Idea of "Void" of Buddhism, and said that Ultimate reality was "Awareness" "Existence-Consciousness-Bliss" and not void.

    He drove away Buddhism concept of Void, and concept of Awareness/Existence-Consciousness-Bliss as ultimate reality was proved by him.

    Hindus did not copy Buddha, They worshiped him, they idealized him, and treated him as Great Personality.

    But Hindus never went away from the path of Vedas, and hence they preserved their Originality.


    The article is a paradox, because Vedas never had any reference to Brahmanism, Brahmanism was the concept of Puranas and Manu Charitra.

    Vedas are only Meditation experiences.

    Buddha never went against Vedas. He was just against Suffering.

    Buddhism is a beautiful religion. Hinduism is beautiful too. Both are good, everything is good.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Shreemad Bhagwad Gita came first

    2. Buddhism branched out from Hinduism

    3. Today most probably no

    4. Not Indians but Indian politicians do try to appease those with better no's. (Muslims 13.42 % of the population compared to 0.68% Buddhists as per census of 2001)

    Lord Buddha's philosophy was very much influenced by Vedic philosophy, but only the spiritual part of the vedic teachings. His contention was that the spiritual teachings of the Vedas were ignored while ritualism was given more emphasis. (in this context, it is my opinion as the Brahmin's were assigned the task of teaching the Vedas and conducting these rituals may have opposed His philosophy.)

    Lord Buddha is the 9th Avtar of Lord Vishnu, He tried to make Hinduism more simple. From a prince he became an ascetic on seeing the sufferings of common man and His teachings and philosophy revolve around suffering, its cause, its cessation and the path leading to this cessation of suffering. His philosophy is a mixed of that picked up from the Bhawad Gita outright and that of his own.

    There are many religions that have branched out from Hinduism, Sikhism is just over 300 years old so one can expect what can happen over a span of over 2500 years and hence gradually He became less significant in Hinduism.

    While various versions of Ramayana already existing in most of East Asia it is my personal belief that Hinduism existed here too and most probably they accepted more willingly the simplified form of spiritualism 'Buddhism' when introduced to them through their Kings.

    To your last question I would like to say with hardly 0.68% of the population Buddhist in India today they are insignificant to Indian politic so those with better numbers are appeased by them.

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  • Raghav
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    1. buddha's teachings are in perfect harmony with the hindu upanisads. you can check S. Radhakrishanan's Indian Philosophy Vol 1 for details. historical evidence shows that there was no antagonism between buddhists and the hindus uptill the 2nd or 3rd century. asoka's patronage did not cause any problems. many forget that even the kanishkas were patrons of buddhists. in the post nagarjuna period the relations between hindus and buddhists became very strained, not because of caste system, even the vaisnavas used to admit sudras in their fold and they are regarded as vedic enough. the strife was because of a few philosophical issues and principally due to the buddhist rejection of the unquestioned authority of vedas. the latter budhists were vehement in their attacks against the hindu rituals, against hindu gods and scriptures. infact in buddha's times some of his laymen followers used to perform vedic rituals. buddha was against occultism only.

    2. buddhism vanished on indian shores because of the intellectual superiroity of philosophers like kumarila and sri sanakara but principally due to the devstating effect of islamic invasion.

    3. a great section of indians respect buddha considering him to be an incarnation of lord vishnu.

    4. there is a small section of hindus who are greatly influenced by marxism (i am talking generally of some historians), so much so that they altered historical facts to save islam from charges of intolerance and violence against hindus. hindus are generally tolerant of other religions but do not promote islamic religion as such.

    5. gita is earlier than buddhism because the sanskrit used is of an archaic type that has been dated to be before the famous grammarian panini, who was definitely pre buddhistic. also becaause the book seems to be unaware of buddhist theories, nay even its existence. the book is pre panini and pre buddhistic but the precise date is uncertain.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Internet has all sort of wrong information about every one

    There are sites deliberately giving wrong information to defame some religions

    better personally discuss with a hindu to know the truth

    Arya's answer would be very helpful

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have buddha`s statue on my altar,

    also jesus christ and mother mary

    also the word allah and many other,

    no need to seperate the things which are unseperateable

    no diffrience between you and me

    you will see the diffrience only when you look for it,

    what do you think is better ? to see the common point between you and me or to look for the diffrience ?

    Om to you

    Om to the world

    Om to the religions

    Om to the nature

    Om to the universe

    Om to all beleifs

    Om to everyone

    OM be in bliss

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  • 1 decade ago

    I want to say one thing.As per islam there are 124000 preachers had been sent to this world.Each of them are for a particular group of people,from which we came to know that there are that much religions possible.But the world has been destroyed at various stages.So there is a possibility of no details to be present about the past.

    Now i come to mohammed(sal).He has been sent for the whole humankind.Which says that he arrives at a stage when some preachers had left their wordings and their followers.

    From which i'm sure that there had been several sayings about Mohammed(sal) by the previous preachers.Which is available in various scriptures.

    Which concludes that there is a possibility of relation between various religions.

    which resembles rivers mixing into sea..................

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ( censored)

    Budhism was phased out due to political and religious reasons, as buddhists openly defied vedas and they forgot Buddha teachings and were busy in cheap tantrik powers.

    Gita came first about 5000 years ago

    Yes Indians respect Buddha and many hindus believe he was incarnation of vishnu

    indians do not promote Islam, rather they are target of Islamic militants

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