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Do I have a shot at getting the Gates Millennium Scholarship?

I'll be a senior next year in high school, and my ultimate goal is to become a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Based on my credentials below, would you say that my chances are great at getting this extremely prestigious scholarship?

1. Ethnicity : African American

2. Income : less than 40k

3. GPA : weighted = ~4.2, unweighted = N/A

4. Leadership Roles :


Bank of America Student Leader

4-H Food & Fitness Ambassador

President - Essex County 4-H Teen Council

Teacher - Music Theory & Piano Program

Teacher - Afterschool Choir Class (at a nearby elementary school)

Teacher - Kindergarten Summer Camp Spanish Program

5. Employment :

Teacher - Music Theory & Piano Program

Bank of America Student Leader Intern

6. Community Service:


Nursing Home volunteer


Kindergarten Summer Camp

Afterschool volunteer - Elementary School

7. Honors/Awards:

Congressional Award

Honor Roll/High Honor Roll

President's Volunteer Service Award

National Honor Society

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

President's Challenge Award Gold Medal

Aside from letting me know if I have a shot at getting this scholarship, it would be a bonus for one to inform me if I have a chance of getting into some of the top schools (i.e Cornell, Columbia, Harvard). Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!

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    Getting the scholarship with what you have listed will be easy as pie, being AA with a 4.2 is what will propel you, plus you show that you are active in the community and haver a life apart from school. The income will also be a beneficial factor in getting GMS. You should be ok with any ivy league school, if you can get into ivy league. you can get the GMS.

    Source(s): I've had two friends who's parents made around 80K, 4.0 and 3.98 middle eastern and the other indian and recieved the GMS and went to duke and harvard. so if they made it, you must make it.
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      Would you know what ethnicity they chose, the one who is middle eastern. Beacuse, I am middle eastern and don't know if my ethnicity is eligibe.

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