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are designer brands such as fred perry, ben sherman, lacoste, henleys and soul cal chavvy.?

could u answer your opinion like this please

fred perry - your opinion and reasons why

lacoste - your opinion and reasons why

and any other brands which you like and are good for money

thank you.

3 Answers

  • 1 decade ago
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    fred perry- no, never really seen chavs wearing it.

    lacoste- no, same as above

    superdry- was no, but now yes. getting bigger.

    henleys- yes, im sure i have seen chavs wearing the clothes.

    jack wills- no.

    just have to look around and see who is wearing what clothes.

    like i would now see abercromie and fitch as nearly chavvy because i have seen chavs wearing the stuff.

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  • 4 years ago

    Out of the ones you've mentioned either Ralph or Lacoste are really nice. I wouldn't go for Burberry personally - it's become a bit 'chav' nowadays after people wearing checks and calling themselves chavs or being called chavs...I think a burberry polo would probabaly make people think this and not that you've gone and bought a really nice polo shirt. Alternatively have you tried Abercrombie and Fitch? They do nice Polo's - they collars are really nice and stiff and look really smart and they're really slim fitting. Plus everyone goes and gets a Ralph Polo (or they do where I live) or a lacoste but Abercrombie - less people have the brand (again where I live!) so it's a bit of a change.

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  • 1 decade ago

    fred perry no because i think most chavs dont wear this and it looks more casual not chavvy

    lacoste in between because most chavs wear lacoste and they do look a bit chavvy but i think its also not chavvy as well

    ben sherman no because its a more posher brand chavs wouldnt buy

    henleys no its more casual or casual smart definately not chavvy

    soul cal no i get the feeling its more beachy surfers more type of clothes i wouldnt say this is chavvy

    i would say brands like reebok is a big chavvy brand and also mckenzie

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