Can you help me figure out the citizenship of these people?

Mr. Jim Chua a chinese resident in the philippines for eight years. At the age of 21 he married a filipina and this was before 1987 Philippine Constitution was ratified on February 2, 2987. Also before the adoption of this constitution, the filipino woman renounced her citizenship to follow the citizenship of her chinese husband. A year after the ratification of the 1987 Constitution, a child was born of the couple.

1. What is the citizenship of the child at birth?

2. Under what principle did he acquire said citizenship?

I appreciate it!! I just need to make sure my answers are correct.

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    Under the right of nationality (Jus Sanguinis) law, the child would have Chinese citizenship, not Filipino citizenship. Filipino citizenship is conferred to children born of Filipino nationals and since neither parent has Filipino citizenship the child isnt auntomatically entitled to it either. However, Chinese citizenship is conferred to anyone born on the Chinese mainland or to Chinese parents abroad. Since the child's parents have Chinese citizenship, the child is Chinese as well.

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