cheap gaming laptop for college?

Can anybody give a suggestion as to which cheap gaming laptop should i buy when i go to college? I want it to be able to play games like Half-Life 2 and Left 4 Dead with no lag (but if just little lag is acceptable). And I want it to be un-attractive to other people because I dont want it to be stolen whenever i leave the dorm to go for sports or anything else...

Thanks in advance to any replies... ;)


btw, Alienware laptops are a no-no. Because ppl at my place steal them for fun... xD they just think that any Alienware machine can run Crysis...silly bastards...

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    I'm pretty sure the games you mentioned above run on pretty much anything. buy anything from 2005 and up and you should pretty much be good to go. You won't be able to run on the highest settings, but it will be playable for sure. Valve games run on pretty much anything...

    I ran counter strike on a 10 year old laptop, that should reaffirm that statement.

    Even if it is onboard graphics. most onboard graphics can handle those games.

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    Simply put:

    Quality: Alienware

    I hear cyberpower has good quality too. Their cheapest laptop has a 2.1ghz, nvidia 9600m-gt, 4 gig ram for just $775, and they are fully customizable for better performance. They also have 16" starting at $789 and 17" starting at $959. I think also has some good stuff.

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    Just buy the laptop have branded graphic built-in the laptop like nVidia and Ati Radeon like Acer and HP laptop. No need to buy the specified for gaming laptop, it will cost you a lot for buying that laptop.

  • Rob
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    well to be fair there is no such thing ads a cheap gaming laptop. but i would recomend alienware from dell becuase there very good machines and dont look the greatest on the out side. but that depends on your price band.

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  • amar
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    4 years ago

    in basic terms look for a first rate stability of pics potential vs cpu. shop in mind that a computer won't be able to have its gpu upgraded yet its cpu could be, so shop in mind that the gpu would desire to have priority over the cpu. yet another tip: Dont purchase alienware. they're fantastically plenty over-priced laptops that focus on suckers into questioning it somewhat is the "marvelous" in gaming. in basic terms go searching on youtube for benchmarks and youll locate one common =)

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    HP hdx 18t. Play most games fluently. High end games in lower settings...

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