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both.either.neither ... 的意思和變化

both and

either or

neither nor

not only but also

as wll as



2.用在否定句的意思 ( 部分否定.全部否定 ... 等 )

3.其後動詞如何變化 ( 單數或複數 )

( 請給我例句+解釋 !!)


雪走大大 !!

可以加上否定的用法嗎 !!?

EX: Both Sarah and Kelly are "NOT" going to the party

這要怎嚜翻譯 !!?

還有either 和 neither 加上否定要怎嚜翻譯 !! ?

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    both and

    i am going to both London and Paris during October.



    Both Sarah and Kelly are going to the party.

    後面一定都是接複數的動詞are, were,

    either or

    i am going to pick either sarah to go with me or kelly.



    Either robber or ketty "has" the key to the cellar.

    是用單數因為不是and, and都是複數

    neither nor


    Neither bob nor mandy has the keys.

    bob 跟 mandy都沒鑰使

    neither the police office nor the detectives are responsible for the homicide.

    這時後是用are 因為要看最靠近動詞的detectives而不是police officer.

    not only but also


    Not only John but also Mary wants to come.

    wants 離mary 最近用單數wants

    Not only John but also his parents want to come

    want離 parents最近 用復數want


    as well as

    He hurt his arm, as well as breaking his leg.

    後面接的是V+ing 因為你講he hurt his arm as well as break his leg很奇怪

    I have to clean the floors as well as cook the food.

    可是如果句中有 to+V 話就不需要 直接接cook 不用說to cook

    as well as 就是像and一樣的用法

    Rob,as well as anna, is coming to the prom

    as well as 這句是多說明誰要來而已

    用is coming 不是 are coming

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    Both Sarah and Kelly are "NOT" going to the party


    either sandy or mac is not ready for the test

    sandy 或 mac都沒準備好考試

    neither sarah nor kelly is going to the part 跟

    Both Sarah and Kelly are "NOT" going to the party


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