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be able to 是什麼意思啊?!

可請大大告訴我[be able to]是啥??

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    be able to間單來說是can的意思,也就是〈可以〉



    ba able to 比較偏雖然可以但是.......後面有時會加轉折詞

    ex1:He can go to the party.

    ex2:He is able to go to the party,but he does not have the willing.

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    be able to = can 能夠 可以

    類似 be capable of 但之後需接名詞或動名詞

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    be able to 的意思是能夠 「有能力;可以」

    它的同義詞是 can

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    can...例:1. I have given he my address. he should be to find my place .(我已經給他我家的住址 ..他應該可以找到我的家)

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    2. I`m able to play baseball.(我可以(會)打棒球

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    I'm able to drive car.

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    be able to 就是 Can(可以) 的意思唷 ~

    希望可以幫到妳 ^.^

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    be able to 是可以的意思


    You are able to study.

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